Wetsuit storage - hang or fold?

The instructions with my new wetsuit say store on a padded hanger, but a triathlon magazine article says store folded because hangers will strain the neoprene and cause it to perish on the shoulders. How do you store yours?


  • Inside out on a broad shouldered ex suit hanger in the back of the wardrobe (once it's dry.  I appreciate what the Triathlon mag says, but surely folding will also crease the neoprene?  Six of one and half a dozen of the other!  Either way it needs to be in a cool dark place!

  • Ok so I'm reasonably new but I hang while wet and when dry I put in a wetsuit storage bag which is designed to fold In three (2XU)

    One would assume the manufacturer has some clue
  • Funny - Orca provided a storage bag too - but then advises me not to use it!!

    Would the garage be too damp, do you think?
  • my triathlon said "on a wetsuit hanger" whatever the bl**dy h*ll one of those is! mine is now on an ex-suit hanger in the wardrobe, with the bag over it that it came in. should it be inside out too? 

  • I got a normal hanger and use pipe lagging on the upper part where the shoulders sit - job done, 

  • I hang mine til it's dry, then fold. Had it for years and it hasn't suffered from the treatment it gets.
  • Mine have been hainging on the back of the door on a large hanger for the best part of a year .... they are still there and in one piece  (well two pieces to be exact)

  • Jeez, this threads got me stressing about my wetsuit storage now. Have i not got enough to worry about!
  • Just shuv it in a draw.......

    Its rubber and stretchy
  • na dont worry    just make sure it dont go mouldy - and dont turn up to your first open water swim of year without it - like some idiot did last week, image i just grabbed my usual swim bag and off i went, wouldnt have been so bad but i actually got it "demoulded" about half hour before - i think its an age thing

  • Reckon it's going to get folded in the bag because

    a) I really like the bag Orca included, and

    b) I haven't got space in my wardrobe anyway

    SD - maybe stressing over this might be a useful way to take your mind off all the scary training stuff?!!
  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Mine have been hainging on the back of the door on a large hanger for the best part of a year .... they are still there and in one piece  (well two pieces to be exact)

    Surprised the amount you wee'd in one of yours....wasn't it seven times in one race??

  • Ewww!! image  Is that why it's in two pieces now?  image

  • I have a Speedo one which came with the bag and I fold it into 3's and place in bag, then I store it in my 'triathlon box' which comes with me to events.

  • I reckon sometime in the last 3 years they've worked out how to store them image

  • I try and keep mine in a gravity free environment

  • I got mine out yesterday for a sea swim after 5 months and it was fine. So crumpled up at the back of the wardrobe covered in dust - works for me.

  • dry it over the banister....and then just shove it in the bottom  the wardrobe....sometimes in a bag sometimes just loose.. original one still going strong since 2008

  • AlGiffAlGiff ✭✭✭

    I store mine hung up on a suit hanger in the garage after reading that neoprene produces very toxic gases/smoke if burnt, not that I intend to burn it but accidents can happen. 

  • so wet, sandy and screwed up in a transition bag isn't the way i should store it then ?.

    When it does leave the transition bag i fold mine ... the advantage of being about 3 times bigger than my wetsuit is that it straightens out those creases brilliantly when it goes on. 


  • dry it - and sleep in it... image

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