Colin Murray's Gold Run

Just been listening to Colin Murray's Gold Run on Radio 5 Live, where he's trying to meet/interview all 114 surviving British summer Olympic champions. I know Murray can be a little bit of an acquired taste for some, but from the first 2 shows he's done an excellent job. A really interesting show and well worth a listen


  • Its a shame you cannot down load the programme due to rights issues.  The podcast downloads are just extended versions of some interviews. 

    However, I recently listened to the interview with the Athens 4x100 guys whilst on a run.   It sent goosebumps down my arms - an absolute magic piece of broadcasting.

    Highly recommended


  • Johnny2323Johnny2323 ✭✭✭
    Great shows.
  • I've been listening to these too. it's a great idea and some of the stories have been really interesting. 

    it's avaliable on iplayer for the week after broadcast, that's how I've been listening to it. Agree, not to download, but it's there and in full. 

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