Guys - Nike 10k dryfit runner shirt = bleeding nipples.

I suffered bleeding nipples whilst wearing the Nike shirt. Never had this problem before from wearing vests, t-shirts and I noticed I wasn't the only guy suffering.
Anyone here had problems ? ,


  • Yeap, and I moaned about it a while in the pub last night. Thought I was going to have a particularly unfortunate problem today as my work shirt is irritating them.. Just hope they don't bleed again, the shirt is white!

    I didn't think it would be a problem, the shirt felt quite smooth. I noticed a few other blokes with a similar problem after the event.

    I might take legal action ;o)
  • Hello tb,

    I have had the problem with dri-fit type vests etc.

    Use micropore tape. It won't come off and does the job nicely.

    All the best,

  • petrolium jelly does the trick too (forgot it yesturday), tape is a bit problematic if you have a chest full of hair.
  • I've done the London Marathon in a polyester Ron Hill vest, had no problems.
    Wonder if Nike is aware of the problem or maybe we were a test bed for a new product .
  • I saw one bloke with a bleeding back!
    Personally I didnt have any problems but the numbers being printed directly on the shirt cannot have helped, I found them a bit sweaty
  • I know you're not supposed to, but try washing it with fabric conditioner. I do this with my dri fit stuff and it still works fine.
  • Hi guys - I've posted this on several other threads, but try Bodyglide stick, it's similar to Vaseline but not so sticky, non-petroleum based so it doesn't leave marks on your shirts. Us triathletes use it under a wetsuit to prevent chafing and also under the swimsuit. I've used it for years.
  • Hi Sheila . ..

    ermmmm stoopid question -
    where can you buy it ??

  • The T-shirts were dry-fit then, were they? I'm impressed; I assumed they were just ordinary cotton. Not bad for a fiver or whatever the entry fee was - particularly given the crap we got for 28 quid in the British Jubilee 10K thing.

    This set me thinking. The guy who organises the Central London race wants to make it the London Marathon of 10K's. Last year was unfortunate, because he found himself up against the Nike 10K on the same day. But this year it was a straight comparison - 2 months apart - and for me the Nike won hands down in terms of mass participation, excitement and crowd involvement (I ran the British, was a spectator for the Nike).

    I think if Nike take it seriously and invest more money - or sub it out to someone else to invest in - it has the potential to offer a real alternative to the London Marathon. OK so they need to sort out the transport (maybe Richmond's not the right venue) and put money into timing etc. But these are sortable, and the Nike 10K is already a strong brand with 20,000 plus devotees.

    I think the British 10K is likely to decline next year rather than carry on growing, due to the appalling organisation this year and the lack of any adequate response/apology from the organiser. I think the charities will think twice before investing time - and money - into it again. The sponsors (and I suspect Sweatshop) will be very wary of associating their name with such a chaotic enterprise. And I don't think many people who paid the premium entry will be prepared to pay it again.

    And I see the website never was updated after the race!
  • Sheila.........
    Us triathletes use it ...... perhaps I should start using it. :-)
  • I think it was the number (printed as a transfer onto the front of the tshirt) that caused people to have problems with bleeding, rather than the t-shirt itself. My boyfriend was one of the 'guide' runners during the training runs and he always had to wear one of the yellow Nike T-shirts but with 'staff' on front instead of the number. He had to wear a vest underneath to stop getting problems.
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