Hello from North Wales!

Hello everyone!


I've just recently started running and I LOVE it!

Never thought I would or could for that matter as I've had pain in my knees/legs for years!

But after being brought back to fitness by my personal trainer, I decided I wanted to start competing in Tae Kwon Do again and needed to up my CV endurance as well as making sure my legs could kick hard and quick for more than 1 round...

I've been using the Nike+ app as I love being "cheered" along and find their messages really motivating as I go around doing my thing! At first I only wanted speed over a short period of time but one of my clients convinced me to join her on a half-marathon in September! So I'll start working on distance more until I do a planned 12 week schedule starting in July.

Besides running, I play softball on Mondays (usually after a 3.5k run) and tae kwon do on Tuesday's! I also see my PT once a week and do general training pretty much every day.

I started by being rather big at 102kg and am now still big at 93kg, but I'm excited in my journey and hope to read about yours in the near future! image

(Btw, we found the knee problem was actually an issue with my left arch being flat, after having my gait analysed by the lovely people of Moti in Cardiff!)


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