Lower calf muscle - always pulling

Hi I am hoping for some advice, I have a cycle of lower calf muscle tightening, been to physio and it was worked out, but months later after running it gets tighter and tighter to such an extent I go for a run, do a 100 m and it pulls, i need help with good stretches, physio believed last time it was tight hamstrings where they join the gluts but struggle with knowing what stretches are for these specifically.


  • are you warming up before you run - or just blasting straight out of the blocks?  Compression Socks / Calf Guards might help... something like this


  • Six PhysioSix Physio ✭✭✭

    ....if you can't control the amount of rolling in your leg/foot does then you'll continually overload the calf. Have a good long hard squizz at your shoes, foot type and lower limb control.

  • I've got same problem.

    Has anything worked?


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