Pregnancy & Running

Runners world was the first place I looked when I fell pregnant for advice on how I could keep up my love of running and the Runners world guide to running and pregnancy was my first pregancy purchase! I found that there was not an awful lot of pregnancy and fitness advice 'out there' so decided to write my own account by way of my blog which I would just like to share with you all! 

It is just my take on the whole pregnancy and fitness issue (I have no fitness qualifications just personal experience!) and my main aim is to raise the profile of this subject and ulitmately encourage other women to contine with their fitness/running regime whilst pregnant .... Good feedback is most welcomed!


  • I just wanted to say congratulations, and good on you for keeping up with it while pregnant! I have no experience of having been pregnant whatsoever but I find it very admirable.


    I recently read a news article (Daily Mail I think?) about a woman's account of running while pregnant, and that she received a lot of very negative criticism about it - Hurled abuse at in the street for "not considering the welfare of her unborn baby" etcetera... which is absolutely appalling. I do think though that this is due to a lot of the abusers being really ill-informed. From what I've read exercise during pregnancy has been proven to increase health of baby and decrease labour pain to name a few advantages, but people assume you're "shaking" them (which really isn't true while it's in the amniotic fluid).


    If you've been given the go-ahead by your GP,  are not having/have had a difficult pregnancy there's really no reason why it should be bad! There are a lot of women out there who consider themselves "given a pass to be lazy" (with exceptions for some pregnancies) when really they should be keeping as active as ever be it casual walking or running.


    My laptop is so unstable, I've added your blog to my phone, but I look forward to seeing how you get on. image Good luck!

  • Pop over to the "Pregnant Runners" thread under Health & Fitness (or the mums running thread) - loads of us there ran all throgh pregnancy with no problems.

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