What's your favourite cake or bun?

Personally I like a nice Chelsea Bun, although if the US chain Cinnabon had a local franchise I'd definitely be a regular.


  • at the risk of opening up the whole jaffa cake/biscuit debate.....

  • im also quite keen on scones.

  • Belgian buns.
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Ginger cake.

  • Carrot cake
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I quite liked the buns on the young lady who was just ahead of me on the towpath yesterday.

  • A really good victoria sponge with home made jam and fresh strawberries on the top.

  • chocolate eclair / profiteroles/ elephant feet

  • Did you take a bite out of one Mutts?

    I agree with Catalin, you can't beat a good, light as a feather Victoria Sponge.

  • Carrot Cake - de-flippin-licious

  • I can't pick one, but generally I prefer cakes without icing, such as fruit cakes, and ginger cake.  Carrot cake is good to - it is iced but with a less sweet topping than something like a victoria sponge

  • Proper Victoria Sponge shouldn't be iced Caz, just dusted with icing sugar.

  • There is icing in the middle though

  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    Custard Slice

    Me too

  • Ah OK Caz, I've only ever had Victoria sponges with cream and jam or fresh strawberries and jam but I know some people use icing when it's going to be eaten over a few days.  Too sweet for me with icing.


  • Portuguese custard tarts image

  • Coffee and Walnut - yum yum. A regular custard tart is a nice sunday treat with a cuppa but the Portuguese ones are rather good too.

    OH made a very tasty lemon Madeira cake yesterday. A Nigella recipe apparently. A bit on the heavy side though - a whole slice is really too much. Anyone care to help us finish it off?

  • Someone bought me a book of Nigella recipes once but I gave it away after making a few items - everything was on the heavy side.  Maybe that's why Nigella and her squeeze are on the heavy side!

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