Talkback: Brooks Pure Cadence

Where can we get them? Is it possible? I would like to try them but cannot find anywhere.


  • Sweatshop have them, both online and in the shops. This long weekend they have 20% off. Or brooks website. I prefer to try in the shop but that depends how close you are to one?
  • up&running Oxford
  • I got mine from Sweat shop although gutted to hear they now have 20% off. love them but I get sore feet in them once I go over about 15miles. ran in Ravenna before and I think I might get some more of them for longer runs

  • I was suffering really badly with Shin Splints from overpronating I went to Up & Running in Oxford they did my Gait analysis and after trying 3 different pairs I opted for the Brooks, they're amazing, I haven't looked back.
  • Hi all, I have been running in Brooks Pure Flow for last month or so with no issues, really enjoyed them - transisition to fore foot running going better that I could imagine. Weather has been good for last couple of weeks and haven't done much running in the wet in them.

    However ran my first race on damp ground in them at the weekend (did same race/route 3 weeks earlier with no issues), although it wasn't raining the ground was damp and i noticed a slight slip on these when running fast.

    Has anyone noticed what the Cadence is like in the rain/wet ground? No one has commented on this as a pro/con compared to the Flow reviews so hoping it is better...

  • fpd: I've been (sorely) disappointed with the grip on the Cadences. I noticed a few times they didn't give as much traction as I would expect from other Brooks shoes. In particular I had noticed a lack of traction going around some corners when damp. 

    Unfortunately for myself I ignored the warning signs and wore them to do some reps on the road with my club. End result being I slipped on a manhole cover (on a corner), and had a lengthy trip to A&E for X-rays etc and a stonking black eye for a few weeks.image

    I no longer wear them for any sort of speed work. I personally can't recommend them, especially if you've had problems with the related Flows. They are good trainers, and are suitable for some, but I suspect it depends on your individual running gait. 

  • I have the flows and connects no problem with the grip, compared to the newtons that I was previously in the grip is amazing!!!
  • Sounded nasty Chimpster - hope you got over fall.

    Yes in the very damp they do feel slightly shaky when running at speed but apart from that I have been very happy with them. These are my first forray into minimalist running and so far so good, some calf trouble getting used to the change from heel strike to forefoot but have managed 2 5K PB's in a row.

    May try Connects next.

    Lady F-B I was the same as you - with an overpornante stance and heel striker but I have felt the Pure's have helped my transisiton and would recommend them..

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