Bikers and Sundays



  • I love my fixed wheel. Climbing ain't so bad, just trying to get down any decent hills without my hips coming unscrewed.

    And so much easier to clean !
  • When you talk about the joys of descending on a fixed wheel, have you had people say 'surely you just stop pedalling and then you'll stop?' I could never seem to convince people that once gravity and momentum are working against you it just ain't that easy!

    Fun though.
  • SB - haven't had that yet. It is cool to be able to stop at junctions without having to brake though. And wear big gloves in winter without them getting caught in your STI or gear levers !!

    Just have to plan your routes and persuade people that the Horseshoe pass is boring and that there is a really nice cafe in Cheshire to go to !
  • Thanks guys! I'm glad to see John and I aren't the only mad bike collectors. We currently have 11 - 6 mountain bikes, 2 road bikes, and 3 triathlon bikes plus assorted spare wheels, saddles, pedals, etc. We did have another tri bike but it was a little bit too big for John (60cm frame)so I managed to persuade him to sell it and we found another tall guy to buy it!
  • This is all very reassuring, as I find myself already thinking I must get another cheaper bike for the winter training, even though I have only just taken my old racer to my mum and dads to make room in the shed.
    Did anybody see that life laundry program about that bloke whose house was full of pifco appliances and ladybird books, I started to get worried that that was going to be me in a few years time, except with shoes, bikes and clothes. I did buy the purple afghan and haven't regretted it for a moment.
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