Man v horse

Hi I m running man v horse marathon at Llanwrtwd wells this year for the first time ...! Any advice please ......


  • Hi Nigel, sorry I did not see this before or would have been looking eagerly too. I ran it for the first time yesterday and OMG what a challenge. The first 2 legs were OK but my legs failed me and I was wobbling all over by the time I finished the last leg.

    Think I would have happily swum the river to avoid the extra distance at the end!

    How did you do?
  • Hi I think you said it for me to .! What a day I though the trails were more like streams than trails .i had to dig deep for the last 2 miles and going past the finish to cum back again OMG .walking back to the car after the finish was fun .image definitely do it again what about you ! image
  • Hmmm it is a bit too early to pledge another go but probably once the pain subsides and my toenails stop throbbing.....

    Luckily I ran with a clubmate and it was reassuring knowing he was there if I did indeed fall head first into a bog.

    We did 4:16 but think I could have gone quicker if the course was drier.
  • Well done on your time . I was very pleased with my time I did a 3.35 I do nt think I could have gone much quicker drier or not
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