Man v horse

I m running all of the man v horse marathon this year at Llanwrtwd wells .instead of in a relay .as I have done the last two years .HELP ! any advice please


  • It's this weekend; Mrs Easy is doing the full shebang too.  Training wise, rest, and running wise, keep out of the way of the horses.

    I hope the weather is good; she's camping in the fields there; and I've got a weekend free to slob around in my underpants and eating donnor kebabs.



  • Thanks for the reply ......absolutely no help at all. image
  • Ran it last year - had a ball, but was completely caught out with lack of fuel; only water at the stops, no juice or fruit. The was a nasty climb up a steep grass hill a couple of miles from the end that I wish I'd kept something in reserve for. Oh and the river crossing at the end was freezing!

    Have fun image
  • I am running the full race tomorrow having run the last two years as relays, and the full race on the previous two years. It is a really hard race and the constant climbs and descents really take it out of me, and I expect it to be particularly moist tomorrow. My advice would be to take it easy until the second checkpoint at least then race from there if you still have anything in the tank, The first time I ran the full distance I treated it like a normal marathon, and the last third was agony. The second time I took it easier, really enjoyed it and felt great over the last third overtaking loads of runners. My mate who was running it for the first time after beating me by a minute over a road marathon a few weeks earlier left me for dead after the first checkpoint, then came in 25 minutes after me swearing he would never do it again. He is running again tomorrow.

    As others have said there are only three water stops with nothing but water so taking energy gels and drinks with you would be a good idea. Final piece of advice do not drink a pint of scrumpy the moment after you pass the finish line. It was not a good idea.

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  • Thanks for that mark great day definitely do it again
  • How did you get on mark in this years man v horse
  • I did 3:41 which is my slowest time over the course, but considering the conditions I am not too disappointed. How did you get on?

    I think I twisted, jolted, pushed or pulled every muscle and joint in my body! I felt quite comfortable until past the second checkpoint then my body decided to give up and the challenge was to just get to the finish. I have never seen so much water and mud on land, and virtually all of it was either a bog or a stream. A great event though and can't wait to do it again next year.

  • I ran as a member of a team this year. Can't wait to do it next year - on horseback!

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