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I am looking for some advice, I am going to attempt my first marathon in Feb next year and dont know what kind of training I should do up until I start a 16 week program nearer the time.  I have done a few half marathons and managed the last in just under 2 hrs and I thought I would ask what would be the most beneficial thing for me to do now. Should I just get in loads of mileage, speed work, hills????

Basically I want to be in good shape when I start my program (which I havent picked yet) so that I can get maximum benefit when I do start.


Any ideas would be appreciated, and whilst I am asking any tips on good marathon training plans/books?




  • Basically, lots of miles. What you're looking at is what is known as the base phase which is generally focussed on low intensity miles. Some strides can be added to the end of runs so that you're gently preparing your body for quality workouts when they start.

    For books you can do no better than Daniels Running Formula, and Pfitzingers's Advanced Marathoning.

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    I've got my second marathon next April.  I'm going to do a 16 week training programme for that one, but starting it at 20 weeks prior (experience tells me to expect something to interfer with training....). 

    From now until then - I want to build back up to half marathon distance. I'm going to run 3 times a week. Doing one tempo run; one threshold run and one slow long run. I want to run 13 - 15 miles as my long run every other week, with the inbetween weeks doing a much shorter long run to rest up.  Therefore, when I start my marathon training, I'll be starting from a really strong base line.

    There's all sorts of advice out there.  Lots of different types of training. It's really confusing, i think, to work out what will work for you and why it works for you.  Best advice I got was - don't just clock up the miles; think what you want to get out of each training session and make each session count. 

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