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    Good luck
  • I've just started running and I'm using the Nike Running+ iPhone App.

    It's great and FREE! I would have my iPhone with me anyway to play music, so why not use it to map my run within the App itself as well?

    Now, I'm a bit of a Nike fanboy if I'm honest, but I LOVE the Facebook & Twitter integration as well as the GPS tracking, pace measureing and audio feedback through the headphones.

    The only thing it doesn't track is the heartrate, but as mentioned before, you can combine the App with various other Nike+ products and heartrate monitors if that's what you want.

    For me, it's just about perfect. Who knows, maybe I'll think differently when I've progressed a bit, but for now, it's great!

  • apologies for gate crashing your thread Tim - I was given a Garmin 410 with HRM for my birthday a couple of weeks ago - I'm really pleased with it and amazed by the detail of the analysis of eadh run - only thing that i'm slighly disappointed with is i had seen the nike + community bench marking from a friends Nike + watch - is there something similar for Garmin that I havent managed to locate?

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    If someone makes a run public u guess you can import it and use it with virtual runner?
  • I used the nike+ pedometer (on a nano) for years when I was more of a jogger than a runner, but it was handy. It got me more into running and gave me enough data to show I was I run with an ipod anyway when training so the little sensor wasnt a big expense or problem.

    12-18 months ago wanted more accuracy, and it was about the time the nike+ gps watch came out so I thought it was a good natural move to get that......and well I gave it a chance....a good chance....several firmware updates and a replacement watch chance....but in the end the GPS sensor was just so inconsistant it made the collected data useless. I even wore it for a couple of half marathons (one in UK, one in US) and both times it was very short on reporting distance (almost a mile in one race) which obviously ruined all my pacing data I was using it for. So then I picked up a garmin 405 for a song on amazon...and whilst I miss the nike flashy-ness, the garmin data is rock solid and consistant. I ran the brighton marathon this year wearing both....garmin was spot on 26.2 where the nike gps watch was 25.1......yeh, case closed! That said, if you are happy to run with a phone on you, the nike+ app on the iphone 4s (about £3) is really good and pretty accurate as its constantly being tweaked and worked on.

    Not really sure what the nike+ fuel band is like for accuracy though? Its chock full of sensors so it might be closer....although costs more than a GPS watch and it doesnt have GPS, but if you are more of a cross trainer it might be worth looking at


  • UPDATE -First couple of runs with the Garmin 410 and tbf no major concerns. Still getting used to the bezel but sure it will get easier. Also need to learn how to use the virtual training partner as I think that could b a real motivator. Lots of stats though the site is quite bland unlike Nike's colours and messages. So far so good!!
  • Tim

    I recommend learning how to download workouts and use them on the Garmin. Great for all those "run at pace for a distance/time and recover" intervals in the training schedules.

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