Long Course Weekend, anybody?

Just wondered who else is heading to Tenby next weekend, and whether there's scope to catch up for a Recovery Pint or two? In time-honoured fashion, I shall start a list imageimage!


We're staying at a place called Rowston Park, just north of town.



  • I'll be there! image
  • Hope, what are you planning on doing?

    I am booked for the swim and 112 mile bike. Thinking of dropping the bike distance down to the 70.


  • I'm doing the swim, bike and half mara.

    I've wondered about the bike too. Certainly don't need to do the full thing for Outlaw prep as the Welsh course is a lot tougher, but I still want to do the full thing.

    I've got to earn my fish and chips! image
  • I have a very similar view of the bike. My sensible head says go out for 8 hours, try and keep HR down on the hills and and forget about speed and distance.

    My 'fish and chips' head says try and hang on to do the distance.

  • Muffin I just had a chat to a friend who's a lot more sensible than me when it comes to planning training. I was told it's 'daft' to do the full bike so close to the Outlaw as the course is so mad, so I'm going to drop to the 72 too.

    I sometimes have to trust others judgement more than my own.

    The Outlaw I hear is pretty flat, so killing myself on hills is a bit unnecessary I guess. I'm still having my Fish and Chips though! image

  • I am so glad to see you write that Hope  image

  • Thanks Melds. I sometimes need telling! image

  • Weather forecast for Friday night's swim;

    "Very windy with coastal gales and rain on Friday, this probably clearing to drier weather with lighter winds on Saturday".

    Forecast for Saturday looks lovely though.

  • Gawd. Last year was the famous 'swimming on the spot for 20 minutes ' debacle.

    Should be fun then!
  • Swimming on the spot, I think I looked at the same shell on the bottom for 20 minutes before I realsied what was going on.


    As to too soon for the Outalw, it's almost a month away!

  • Morning all,

    another one to join the gang- I'm in for the fully Monty and will be travelling back on Monday so scope for some beering at some point.  Back to the delights of Kiln Park.

  • have a great weekend down there............the swim will probably be back at the other beach i would have thought so no excuses...have fun

  • Suddenly developing pre event paranoia. So far have been distcrated with the logistics of a family camping trip to Tenby.

    The sea will be swellimage.image

    Hindsight is wonderful.........perhaps I should have looked at the course profile before Slower booked me in. Defo dropping to the 72 miler but will start anyway at the 8am, 112 m time.

  • Sounds like a plan.

    We're camping too. I should be more organised than I am!
  • **grump**

    Well we may not be able to make it now. My car is in the garage and they are not sure they can get the part to fix it in time for Friday.

    Turns out ignoring funny noises from the car can be costly image
  • Met Office inshore waters forecast for Bristol Channel on Friday;

    Wind; Southeast 5 or 6 veering west or southwest 7 to severe gale 9.
    Sea State; Moderate or rough, becoming very rough.
    Weather; Rain or squally showers.
    Visibility; Moderate, occasionally poor.

    Those of you who "enjoyed" IM Wales last year are probably enjoying a stroll down Memory Lane right now.

    I think I can hear some funny noises from my car too, Hope. Unless it's just me crying like a baby?

  • No need to cry... It can't possibly be worse than last year.

    Good news on the car, the part is in stock and the garage are 'hopeful' that they can get it sorted by Friday lunchtime so fingers crossed.

    We rang the LCW peeps and if I can't get there in time for the swim I get a dnf for the whole wkend image
  • Fingers crossed Hope. If you are pushed for time, do you want me to try and register for you?

  • Oh that would be good.
    Can you PM me you mobile number?
    We can do fish and chips in Frog Street if you like image

    Even if I don't make the swim I'll still come and do the rest. Apparently I won't get a time but at least I'll get my long bike in on an interesting course.
    I'm a bit bored of my usual routes now!

  • I have PM'd my mobile.

    Fish and Chips sound goodimage

  • Good luck for the weekend everyone.

    Loved the forecast Slower, but not the content image.

    I used to love listening to the shipping forecast on BBC World Service when I was at sea and that brought back memories, some not so fond image.

  • The weather sure does look interesting.

    Tempted to take our surfboard for the swim! image

  • The Beeb are promising sunshine for Saturday, so that'll be nice.  I think I'm sill in denial about the swim.

  • I had signed up for the full distance but have dropped down to the half distance options, as it is less than a month to the Outlaw.

    Looks I will be doing a half marathon to a chip shop on Sunday image


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    This website was compulsive viewing for me in the days leading up to IMW last year;


    It's showing North Beach, which is where the swim ended up being held last year, and I imagine is planned for tomorrow, too.

    It doesn't look too bad....image.

    Good luck, all!

  • Joddly thats where you sandbagged me pre swim nerves and then i find you in front of me 15 ish miles into the bikeimage image twas a great race just wish i had the time and cash to make this weekend and if i did i would be doing the half bike that course is brutal image
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Gawd - I don't recommend anyone looks at the webcam at the momentimage

  • I'm not looking.

    Denial got me through IMW and it'll get me through this.

    I've just got to pray the garage get my car sorted or I'll be going nowhere!

  • joddly wrote (see)

    Gawd - I don't recommend anyone looks at the webcam at the momentimage

    Ohhhh .. it looks lovely, its just my screen that needs a damn good clean

    Have a good weekend all   image

  • On the plus side looks like they have a big RNLI station there.

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