Police complaint of going commando

Hey all, my first post here be gentle please.image I've been running for years wearing usual shorts with liner, and not and tights in winter. Been living in London and Spain until 3 years ago and moved to kent. Now I run by coast in Kent early mornings and have been approached by local police saying "complaints" have been made about me running. Apparently my bits "flop" too much!!! And people complained, probably menimage))) Police asked if I could wear underwear which I refused and they said kids might see my sausage...at 6am??!! Any ideas on if I can get in trouble for this? As I said I generally wear shorts with liner, sometimes no liner if hot and winter tights with no undies. Am I exposing myself?????? Getting paranoid now....


  • sorry don't understand.can you cl;arify which shorts you are wearing when you are comando..if its tights or tight shorts then surely your bits stay still.......if not the shorts are too loose.......

    if you are wearing loose shorts then they would only know you are commando if when you qare running your tackle drops down and can be seen............if this is the case then yes you are exposing yourself and you had better get it sorted soon as its not a nice sight for anyone 6 am in the morning when they are out and about

  • Either running shorts, not split ones but quite short. In winter tights, but stuff still moves with tights. Nothing had popped out, ever. They're complaining about the floppiness!!
  • If you are exposing your bits then yes you are exposing and yes you can get into trouble

    Get some proper shorts that fit


  • Nike drift shorts normally
  • Im NOT exposing anything, nothing can be seen outside. It's the floppiness they are complaining about.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Shane, if that's in any way a serious post, and the police are getting involved, I'd put some underwear on.

    Otherwise you're heading straight for the some trouble...and the sex offenders register!

  • Yep, what he said

  • So basically your first post is to draw attention to rhe size of your gens?
  • @Stevie, it is serious and are you serious? Most people don't wear anything more than liner with shorts, underwear won't solve the issue I don't think.
  • Good effort!
  • if nothing is ecposed how on earth could they see your floppiness,..sorry something doesn't add up here.never heard of anythging like this before......

    if it was true then you wouldn't be able to run far without being incredibly sore.a bit like a woman running without a bra.unless you are very very small endowed its going to hurt like shit

  • LOL@ johnny, no not at all. Just concerned...
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Shane...so good you named yourself twice?

    I think I'd advise wear some underpants, and maybe wear some protection around your knees as well, as clearly they're taking a battering too.

    ps in terms of hoax threads yours is....probably in the middle knowing this forum!

  • @seren: They see floppiness through shorts and tights, apparently. I can run fine, no soreness, use Vaseline in thighs etc...
  • Take the advice given you by the poliss, in my experience they wont come back to 'advise' you a second time

  • so it doesn't hurt...that clarifies a lot.thank you

  • Steve, nothing fake about my post. Don't want to reply, don't.
  • Thanks for your help people, or lack of it.....
  • To avoid anyone seeing your floppiness, next time you run make sure you have an erection.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    The idea that loads of people are out at 6am, paying such a close attention to your crotch, which is so monstrous, that mere shorts can't contain it, and that you have to "vaseline" your thighs as they take such a beating, and the police actually have listened, and then sent a patrol out ....at 6am to have a word with you.


    is bloody ridiculous.

  • Shane ... what exactly were you hoping to hear from readers of your post??

  • Maybe he was hoping to show some pics?


  • It is a bit unbelievable!

    But in case you are serious (weirder things have happened) then just wear some underwear to avoid any hassles.

  • @Stevie, what exactly is your problem? My post was to show the ridiculousness of the police. And the patrol was sent in the evening, they traced me by my car reg which I use to park nearby sometimes. It's no joke, my bits are contained but if you're capable of reading I said THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT THE FLOPINESS. Ok?

    I never mention the size of my bits, you did. So do us all a favour, go see a doctor.
  • @Meldy, I was hoping for some advice on whether the police are talking crap or not. I did a search on this forum and saw most men dress as I do with tights, as in no underwear, so why is my post so strange?
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Police please....i wish to make a complaint about a man's floppiness. I've been monitoring him, and have taken his car registration down.


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    As threads go, it doesn't measure up.

  • not sure what you expected............advise you to go to the court of human rights because you are being hounded by the police because of your todger...........

    if the police have spoken to you then there must be a problem............linford christie used to run infront of millions showing his tighly packed tackle without any complaints.........so i can't see your neighbours bothering to complain unless you are letting it dangle out

  • ShaneShane wrote (see)
    @Meldy, I was hoping for some advice on whether the police are talking crap or not. I did a search on this forum and saw most men dress as I do with tights, as in no underwear, so why is my post so strange?

    The police will react on complaints from people, it is up to you how much you wish to ignore the advice you have been given by them to stop any future complaints

  • yeah there is a guy round my way that wear running tights that are far too tight and draw a lot of attention.... I try not to look as it kind of gives me the creeps (he is not attractive and a LOT older than me) but phoning the police seems a tad extreme....  

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