Talkback: Mizuno Wave Inspire 8

nice work for mizunoimage


  • Nah. They're falling behind. This shoe is a backwards step

  • Brilliant shoe.  I have over 400km on mine and the cushioning feels as-new.  Love the smooth, fast transition - they definitely get me onto my toes quicker and make it easier to increase my cadence.  In comparison my Kayanos and Trance feel slow and dull.

  • Had 6 pairs of the 6s and 1 pair of 8s. moved onto brooks cadence and will never go back. it's a personal thing of course but the brooks are the best shoe i've ever had.
  • I wear these and love them.

    Just the right amount of support and cushioning.Like the fact that I can tie the laces quite tightly and they still feel nice and comfortable.No rubbing anywhere and first time I've had no black toenailsimage

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