Wasp Sting

Just been stung by a wasp, taken a piriton, but calf is now very sore with a battle zone appearing. Ouch. Nasty things.


  • Poor you...last summer I was on my bike and one flew up the thumb of my cycling gloves and stung me repeatedly before I could stop (unclipping feet!), get the glove off and squash the little blighter until he was dead!!

    Anyway, got back to work with one very sore thumb and was advised to rub some vinegar on - it worked...
  • Always carry a small spray of Waspeze! It's magic stuff - specially for kids.
  • I should say *E*specially for kids - it's not specially for kids.
  • Yep, vinegar for wasp stings, baking soda for bee stings, best treatments going.
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