The Wall Run Mandatory Kit

Can someone please tell me what a "<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif; line-height: 19px; color: #000000;">Full windproof/showerproof body cover" actually is and where I can get one from???


  • A windproof top and trousers!

  • In the kit recommendations it's recommending a Montane marathon jacket which is what I'm using.
  • I bought a Montane jacket from Go outdoors for £38, it is really light and windproof, for the pants I bought them for £10 from Decathlon, both fold up to Tennis ball size so I'm hoping thats all I'll need.

  • Is this the Rat Race run ?  Yeah - you'll have a rain jacket thing and I just threw in my waterproof rain trousers that I have for walking in. It would have to be absolutely foul to run in them though.  They recommend Montane as they sell them in their shopimage



  • Montane trousers are dearer than the Jackets.

  • Yeah that's weird isn't it, I like the jacket but it's only marginally better than an old one I bought from JJB, trousers definitely not worth it, I'm taking a cheap pair, because I have to but it would need a snowstorm for me to want to run in them,

  • I'd really not pay megabucks for the trousers - when would you get any wear out of them ?   The jackets are nice though. I have one but its too nice to run in - the cheap ones get used for that ! 

  • Thanks all - I'll dig out my waterproofs - not buying anything new, this run is costing me a small fortune as it is!

    If this weather persists may just need them though!......

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