Pisa Marathon

I'm looking for a marathon late this year (2012) - my choices at the moment seem to be Lisbon, Malaga, Castellon or Pisa. From what I can tell, Pisa looks to be the favourite and I was wondering if anyone has done this race and can give me any info - especially about the profile of the course and the route. Ideally I'm looking for a race that would allow me to run a quick race, provided the weather is OK (I know that last year the weather was attrocious and the race was cancelled!)

Thanks for any advice that anyone can provide.



  • Hi Simon

    Have you heard anything further on this race and are you still doing it. Ive entered it as heard it was flat but then heard again its hilly and not a pb course! I need a flat one!

    November is too early for me I think so has to be Dec.

    Be great if you haveany furtherinfo.



  • Total climb is less than 500ft, so its not materially hilly but there are a few bumps. I'm signed up...  the route and profile are on the website.

  • I'm doing Pisa too.

    I hear there is only water every 5km. No energy drink. Is that true?

  • The only thing I would say about Pisa is that it's a lousy town, with only the area around the tower worth seeing. But if you're just running a race, that's not a deal-breaker. I can recommend seeing the walled town of Lucca, which isn't far away - maybe stay there and travel in to Pisa.

  • Nicky/Simon, are you still running Pisa? If so, what time are you aiming for?

  • I am going over over next week...cant wait !!   Pisa here we come !   Flying out on Thursday from Stanstead...cheap as anything...

  • Did anyone bother with the medical cert ? Looks like we can use the UKA card... ?  I have a spare half marathon entry if anyone wants it - withdrawal due to sickness, so looks like I am now solo. I see there are pacers this year - tough decision if I want 3.39 - try and hang on to the 3.30 group and hope I haven't done too much damage when they drop me, or run with the 3.45s and try for a fast finish ?  Hmmm....

  • Medical not required... just got my goody bag and checked in at the airport... well organised.... weather is forecast sunny and 14 degrees...

    Up the tower today... wine and pasta tonight....!!!
  • Goody bag ? Nothing there when I checked in. Is that how I missed the T shirt ?
  • Long sleeve "pisa marathon shirt and 'snood'...enjoyed the course...but pisa is the pits...1 night is too much !!     hope to be there next year....!

  • That's annoying ... They could easily have given them out with the numbers ! Disappointing after paying all that money.
  • That surpised me..after i got my number and chip .i went upstairs to get the tshirt etc...

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