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  • Did you enter? seems from some of the comments on this thread that people would have been happy to go with the original fees and were put of by the increase so seems a bit short sighted to double the cost a couple of weeks before the event.

  • Soo...........

    everyone ready and raring to go. I read on the runnersworld site about prep saying sleep a lot two nights before as with excitement might not sleep much night before. Don't know about the rest of you but I cannot sleep now! So excited.
  • Hi guys,

    Hope all is well. I am getting nervous about Sunday. Doesn't matter how well prepared you are, these things always suck big time in the last 30 minutes. I have been trying to get a message to the race organiser asking if a friend could pick up my pack on my behalf. No response so far. What mail address have others on the thread used?

    This will be my latest sub 3 attempt. Ran 3:02 at this race in 09 so I know that the course is pretty quick. Looking at my Garmin data from that race, the first 3 are slightly downhill which is good for warming up hips and lower back. Good luck all!!!


  • Have a look on the facebook page.  I think they would need your race info? at least with your number etc... how are they to actually know it's not you picking it up as long as the person has the right info?

    They are on facebook as Leicester Marathon

  • It' s 50/50 if I will be on the start line - trip to Physio tomorrow. If I make it, do you know of any changing facilities after the race. I can't see anything on the web site, and its a long way home.
  • Good luck to all - I've run Leicester twice before and I can vouch for it being a fast course, I've pb'd twice there.

    Frank good luck with the sub 3, I'm in the same spot but for sub 3:15 (it's all about Boston!).


  • Also-Ran  I hope your trip to the physio went well. Finger crossed.

    Jasey: Good luck for 3:15

    I agree with everyone else good luck everyone image  I'm hoping to create my PB and PW all at the same time image

  • Good luck to everyone on Sunday, my first marathon and aiming for 4.00hrs at best but been told to run for the finish line rather than finish time by someone whos been there and done it, so i'm taking that!!

    booktrunk - you've been a breath of fresh air on here and i'm sure everyone has been lifted by your enthusiasm and sense of excitement. Best of luck to you in particular and enjoy!! 

  • Hey all, good luck to everyone on Sunday esp the first time marathoners.. a very exciting day for you, enjoy it! The final mile is a haul but you get to go through the city centre where you are made to feel like you are an Olympian by the crowds and radio crewimage

    My time may be a deliberate PW, did Chester last Sunday in 3;36 and am doing Snowdon in 2 weeks time, so really must pace this nice n slow!!

    Bit hacked off about the race pack though, the chaos this is going to cause is obvious. Anyway, see ya Sundayimage

  • Anyone know if there are any showers at event or at a nearby swimming pool/leisure centre type place?

    Pity its a pb course as I want to break mine but this is my Mothers swansong marathon so doing it at her pace thankfully!


  • Some really impressive PB chasers here! Thanks for the benefit of your experience and passing on your tips. I'm just doing the half (my first, having gone arse about and first race experiences were a  20 mile and full) and frankly will be chuffed to get in around 2.15 for that!

    Hope those of you experiencing problems with the race packs got things sorted, I went yesterday and it was efficient enough so hope that bodes well for those getting your packs on the day - there are no ties for the chips in the packs though so may be worth taking some with you if you don't want to mess about attaching through your laces and again messing about detaching it at the end.

  • Jen it stays on the back of the number which is why it's perforated, they then rip that section off to take them back.

    Threads about it on "Leicester marathon" Facebook page. One by me asking about it, I was confoosed.
  • Can someone post a message on Sunday PM / Monday just to let us know how it goes for those of you queueing for your race numbers and chips  on the Sunday morning - for this reason alone I have decided not to turn up tommorow for this race. Didn't fancy queuing with 1000+ others and either it being absolute chaos and being late for the starting gun or if it runs like clock-work and then  having to stand around in the cold waiting for it to start. 

    I have heard of quite a few others who are not able to get to Leicester during the week and having the same reservations as me.

    I'm hoping I'll be proved wrong and i'll be back next year.

  • I very much doubt the race will start on time with 1000+ people in a queue to pick up race packs. Luckily a friend picked mine up. I was also a little confused about the chip. There should have been a sticker on the chip informing us that it is not to be removed. On a more positive note, just checked the weather forecast. BBC reckons it will be cool but sunny for the duration of the race. Good luck all!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whoops, thanks for that Steph,  As Frank says, would be handy for the pack to say! (sits here doing a Blue Peter and taping chip back into bib!)

  • Are we completely sure about vleaving the chips on the bib?


    The timing chip you will recieve coincides with your race number. For an accurate reading, please attach the chip securely around your ankle and NOT your wrist.

    The chip will record TWO times, the gun time and your personal time."

    That is taken direct from the "race day" section of the event website.

  • Yes 100% leave it connected...

    Just pun it to your top, at the finish line it will be torn off n taken.

    Look on Leicester Marathon on Facebook their quote was

    "YES!!!!! Do not detach your chip!!!"
  • I know but i guess they assumed they would get x chips.. And instead they got y.
  • Hehe. I now have bright pink hair easier to spot...

    By the end I will be pink from head to toe image
  • Yep - got my number today, and queried the chip as the web site said something clearly different. LEAVE THE CHIP ON YOUR NUMBER.

    Got to say, some of the administration aspects have been poor, but souldn't take any shine off the day. I've been to several races allowing collection on the day, and its never been a problem (provided its organised and staffed sufficiently)

    Currently 85% sure I will be running tomorrow. Managed a few miles over the last couple of days, and currenty 'testing' the best way of strapping some 'running issues'. If not it will be Abingdon next week.
  • Fingers crossed for you also-ran
  • Thank you Leicester Marathon.

    Everything went perfectly.  The Marshalls were brilliant.  Loads of encouragement and quitea few people on the course more then I expected.  Loved that it was a bit in the city and quite a bit around the outer towns. 

    I really cannot praise everyone to much not a single hitch from my point of view.  Already have an email with our official times on it. image

    5:30:22 for me.

    One thing I really recommend being silly like myself, and dying your hair a bright colour in my case pink, lots of comments on it from them Marshalls. image

  • The organisers have put on a superb event again.  The organisation was hard to fault, and the marshals were in control of everything. 

    Last year I got a grating time of 4.00.10, which I obliterated this year by finishing in 3.35.  I understand that my time will be revised down further because I was held up at a level crossing. 

    I rounded off the day by walking down New Walk towards the bus station, and giving support to the runners still on the course!

  • I got held up there too Ben, I was a bit grumpy about it! Glad they will be adjusting our times to take account of it

    A great race and mostly really good marshals although there were a few places near the end where they were stood but not indicating which way to go , I had to ask about 3 or 4 times and there was one place with no marshal where I had to ask a pedestrian which way.

    Very pleased with a PB of 3.19 and 4 th lady
  • Excellent day. Ran 3:01:50 on my garmin which is a PB. Only strange thing is my finish time says 3:04 even though I know it only took me about 20 seconds to cross the start line after the gun? Even for the winner who was stood right at the front, his gun time was 2 minutes slower than his chip time. Thought the event was marvellously marshalled, organised and supported, but I would not have been chuffed if I had ran 2:58 and the organisers had denied me my first official sub 3.


  • Well done frank, amazing time

    Odd that it is so far out. Hope it gets sorted
  • Not too fussed as i didn't crack 3 but would like to know what happened in case i run again next year. The only reason i can think off is that the clock started 2 minutes before the claxon. It was a great day though. Thought the vaseline was a nice touch, although when a female marshall offered it to me I didn't know what to think. Lol. Support was also superb during the last couple of miles.

  • Must have been running with you before the level crossing Hellen.

    I am about 5' 5'' and was wearing a red base-layer top.

  • Frank - yes the clock started 2 minutes early for some unknown reason. I was towards the front of the start when a guy cleared some cones and then said there was 2 mins to go. Maybe someone hit the clock then in error ?
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