Longest standing running records...

Just having a think with the olympics coming up, there will likely be some new world records achieved. Then I started thinking, what is the longest standing running record? 

First port of call was to check out Yiannis Kouros as he holds so many records, in fact everything from 100 - 1000 miles and 12 hours - 6 days is his! His earliest still standing record I could see is 1984 (in fact he holds 3 from that year). The only one I know of being earlier is Billy Bland's Bob Graham Round in 1982. There must be some older than that... any ideas?


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    Wouldnt imagine there are that many old ones, as the sheer numbers of participants in many events means that records will tumble. Bob Beamons long jump stood for ages as I recall though.

    Fell running is a declining sport from its heyday, although BGR numbers are increasing.

    The WR for the mile has been around for a while I think - mainly because it isnt run very often now.


  • I think the record for 300 miles indoors has stood for about 130 years.

  • the longest standing fell race record dates from 1977 (Ricky Wilde - Lantern Pike)
    Andy Styan's record for Langdale Horseshoe also dates from 1977
    Kenny Stuart's Snowdon record from 1985 is worth a mention, as that is a high profile international race that has had loads of top runners have a go it, but all have come up short

    fell running is not in decline btw - membership of the FRA and the number per year/total participation therein of fell races is currently at an all time high


  • Yeah but a lot of those are sheep image

  • Actually, when the current 'trend' in ultras has died as it did with tri when all the weekend triathletes moved over to ultras, I can see fell running being the next 'race for life' so to speak. So it would then be attracting sheep of the human variety image

  • Well as my old dad used to say, "if you want to belong then wait for a woman to get ready!"

  • Kratochvila's 800 m world record is still standing from 1983. Spellings probaly wrong but you know who l mean.
  • God that was gibberish!
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