Seeking First Road Bike Advice?

I have been doing some cycling for fun using my old mountain bike that I bought when I was 17. 3 years later  I'm looking for a decent road bike, but I can't afford something too expensive.

I'd be grateful if anyone could tell me things I should be looking out for, makes etc and the best place to pick one up. Is second hand an option?

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  • What are you going to be doing on it ?

  • Buying second hand is a option but size is critical, a trip to your Local Bike shop is a good way to start, most shops are happy to give advice, just make sure you give them some business in return.

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    Yes, what's it for, what is the budget.    Not sure what bikes with say Shimano Sora and carbon forks start at now - £500 plus maybe ?

    As a novice if you have that kind of money to spend and nobody local to advise you maybe buy new, if it's less then second hand may be worth a punt, but as Dave says the size is crucial.   

  • Cycling to and from work 6 days a week. It's around a 15 mile round trip into the city and back. Long rides for weekends on country roads. Nothing too serious. I want to build things up before maybe doing a triathlon in a year or so.

    I have around £500 to play with at the moment. Looking to save more if I find a particularly good bike.

    My pays a bit shit and I don't have much of a student loan to speak of.

  • I was really naughty and went to the big local bike shop and got measured up against a few brands, asked them a billion questions about what i should be looking for and then went shopping on ebay for a second hand one. I have since been back and purchased bits and bobs from them, promise image 

    I wasnt in the market to spend £1500 on a new bike that i was blatantly going to trash, while i learnt how to ride it (first outing into road bikes). I waited quite a bit for the right thing to come up on ebay (set myself a £500 budget & a 105 groupset minimum). all the cannondales/scotts etc were going for silly money and a barely used Litespeed Vela with 105 groupset/carbon forks/carbon seat stays came up, watched it for 7 days, all mine for £350, well happy.

    I am really happy i didnt spend loony £££ first time out, as i have fallen off him (freddie) numerous times (mainly at first because i kept forgetting i was clipped in). Also because i spent less, i'm not massively precious about wanging him around corners/going out in the rain etc!  edited to add that - i love him to bits and if he was pinched/written off i would be devestated!

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