Tendon pain

Afternoon all.

When out riding the other day I experienced a pain in the tendon that runs down the left-hand side of the back of my left knee.  It was a little tender the next day but have rested it and it seems to be ok now, although I've not been back on the bike yet. 

Any ideas on what this might be/might have caused it?

I've not ridden properly for a few months and don't want an injury to stop me now I've got back into it again!

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


  • Bio-mechanics are a funny thing.  It sounds like your drescribing a strain which should probably be rested and iced.  A strain could have been caused by any number of factors, most commonly in this location it'll be bought about because of another issue being either a tight calf muscle or more likely tight hamstring (which may in turn may have tightened to protect a tight IT band).

    It's always tricky asking others to diagnose a problem of this nature.  The fair and correct advice you will receive is to rest the injury until it subsides (and then some for good measure), or seek proper medical advice as necessary.


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