Knee Injury

Hi all

I've just been told I may have ruptured the ligaments in my knee and need a MRI scan to find out extent of damage.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom to keep me sain and give me encouragement that I'll run again?



  • Hi Maamalade,

    Hang in there! Even with quite severe ligament injuries people can often return to running with enough rehab. I have seen lots of patients return to half marathon and marathon level and return to sports like football etc so stay positive and just wait and see what the MRI shows.



  • Thanks Tom,

    I am booked on the Great North Run in September, my first Half. I've been so excited about it, loving the training, but now feeling terrified I won't get to do it.

    image Keeping chin up though image

  • I've seen runners come back from all kinds of injury's and operations.

    The key is not to let the recovery time get you down.

    A good physio should be able to help you work out a programme that works for you even if it means different exercises.

    Don't think you have to give up running, you might have a set back but you'll come back stronger for it.

    Chin up and let us know how you get on image

  • I tore my ACL and meniscus about 12 years and and had surgery 4 years later, wgen I was 18. I think I was in physio for about 6 months and then I went back to my ballet classes (I didn't run back then). I have since taken up running and have been running pain-free until last week. The biggest problem I've had is periodic swelling but that doesn't really bother me.
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