Premiership predictions

Here's my predicted league table:

1. Chelsea
2. Man Utd
3. Newcastle
4. Arsenal
5. Blackburn
6. Liverpool
7. Middlesborough
8. Southampton
9. Everton
10. Birmingham
11. Charlton
12. Portsmouth
13. Man City
14. Fulham
15. Bolton
16. Wolves
17. Leicester
18. Tottenham
19. Aston Villa
20. Leeds


  • 1. Man Utd
    2. Chelsea
    3. Arsenal
    4. Liverpool
    5. Newcastle
    6. Blackburn


    18. Aston Villa
    19. Wolves
    20. Fulham
  • 1 Man Utd
    2 Chelsea
    3 Arsenal
    4 Liverpool
    5 Newcastle
    6 Blackburn


    18 Leeds Utd
    19 Leicester
    20 Wolves
  • ...And it's LINCOLN CITY....LINCOLN CITY FC...are far and away the greatest team the world has ever seen...

    Has anyone seen my marshmallow overcoat? (bibble)
  • The Toon to win silverware AT LAST!!!!

    Villa to be top ten.
  • there's helluvalorra faith being shown above in Chelsea!!

    2nd? (and even one 1st) - are you lot on the planet?
  • No way second

    fourth I reckon..
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    1. Scum FC
    2. Arse
    3. Chelski
    4. Toon
    5. Gobsh!te FC

    Then everyone else in a bunch

    Bottom 3

    Fulham (pleeeeeeease)
    Leicester (neither team has any quality up front)

    Although Bolton's luck will run out one of these days - they can't play the Trafford Reds every week.

    Teams like Leeds, Spurs, Villa will be safe simply because there are 3 worse teams than them - saved Everton for years now it's their turn.
  • Delighted to see you predicting more glory for Blackburn Rovers - I'll be glad to see them stay up again myself.

    1. Arsenal
    2. Liverpool
    3. Man Utd
    4. Newcastle
    5. Chelsea


    Serie A: Juventus
    Serie B: Hellas Verona (siempre gialloblu!)
    France: Olympique Lyonnais

    European champs: Engerland

    Boat race: Oxford, by one inch

    Wimbledon: not Tim Henman

    Athens Olympics: lots of tiresome chest-beating about how sad it is that we don't pay people enough to train all day compared to the Germans, plus lots of intensely irritating Barry Davies comments about tragedy, drama, catharsis, hubris and as many other references to Greek drama as he can to let us know how clever he is.

    And Paula to win the marathon, but Pinsent
    and Cracknell to just miss out.
  • what are the odds of all that coming off???

    talk about spread betting.
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