Hello! Goal is just to run regularly!

Hi there!

I thought I'd introduce myself, do this the pro'er way! I'm an "all the gear, no idea" type but have plenty of ambition, I'm just very self-concious about ways to go about getting into running. In the dark, no one sees how unfit I am etc.


I've been wanting to get into running forever - At my work inspiration is never far out of an earshot. I have been going to the gym and a variety of classes for about 6 months now, and although I feel better for it I still don't really feel like I've made a big leap in my health! I feel like running would fill that gap!


I've been running increasingly since joining the gym, but I'm really plagued by stitches - constantly. But mind over matter they say! My goal is generally to be running every other day to start with without any excuse for why I can't at least get out there (Like the weather, grooaaann...) So I thought joining would be some fantastic info. Plus my work means I know a lot about running shoes so I am happy to throw my 2cents about.image


Thank you for reading and I look forward to using the forum! image


  • Welcome, TealSpotter.

    I just started running again after a 'break' of 25 years. I'm using a 'Couch to 10k' app on iPhone which eases you in very gently and builds up over a period of 14 weeks to a full 60 minute run. I run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings and am really enjoying it. Went and had a video analysis of my running 'gait' yesterday and got fitted for a very smart new pair of Asics trainers. Have entered the Edinburgh Great Run 10K in October as I thought it was important to have a goal to aim for.

    Anyway, welcome and good luck with your running. image
  • Thanks very much DelB!! It's great you're getting back in to it, and best of luck image

    I downloaded the "Get Running" one a long time ago, and I think it's brill, as all similar apps are, but I keep fading in and out of it (I won't lie, due to excuses!)  I think it's great you've set yourself a goal, and a very realistic one at that, good luck!

  • I too suffer with stitches quite a bit. Here's some tips I was given.

    Firstly concentrate on your breathing as a pattern, so breathe in when your left foot strikes for 3 strides and out on the right foot for 3 strides. If you get a stitch on your left try swapping yor breathing in for the right foot and out for the left. It's sounds strange I know but it seems to help me. After a min or so the stitch subsides. Also slow your pace a little during a stitch and maybe put a little pressure on it with one of your hands. You get through it and almost used to them. I don't suffer half as much now.
  • Thanks Cheeze439, that's some fab advice. image

    I read how the breathing/landing pattern commonly affects it, I tried this once (but not since...) but when I got a thin stitch going from side to side, I was a bit baffled which side to land onimage I'm definitely going to give it more testing though.

    Do you find it is related to fitness? It's good to know yours is subsided. I don't suffer as badly when I have done yoga beforehand -  Must be muscles stretched and relaxed I suppose!


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