How to keep training during injury?

Hi all

I've just found out I may have ruptured the ligaments in my knee so it isn't a surprise I can't run until I've seen the hospital to find out the extent of the damage.

I do however want to keep training.  I'm booked onto the Great North Run which I'm still hopeful of being able to do.  As a result I want to do some training while I can't run, in particular strengthening my core, but need some help with what I can do without upsetting my knee any further.

My knee is currently unable to be fully straightened, can't but much pressure on it and when it does move feels stiff, but yet unstable.

I'm confident on doing crunches, but my usual routine of push ups, planks and lunges is just out of the picture image

Could anyone suggest any training I could do?


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