Olympics Tickets



  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Have a great time Schmunkee!

    @Hannahsmom - A friend of mine has spent over 2 grand on tickets for the olympics; it's crazy

  • Emma_b   sheesh, its crazy!!! i know we want to support our team but wow i could have had a nice holiday with that hahaha

  • Tickets are expensive but the way I look at it, I dont go to the football any more, dont go to the Theatre and very rarely the Cinema.

    Ive been looking forward to the Olympics for ages so have spent what to me is a resonable amount.

    I'll be there for the Swimming tonight and if I can see Becky storm to Gold it will be priceless. 

    Go Team GB.

  • Oh, and just to say that I will also be seeing the Phelps v Le Clos 100m butterfly smack down

    *double bounce bounce bounce*
  • Hope you have a good time, Barley. Who knows.....I may see you there!
  • Having last minute randomly decided to travel to London tomorrow from Devon to watch the triathlon cos it's free I logged onto the ticketing website and now have an athletics stadium ticket for tomorrow morning for ??20!! Had to pick a morning session cos I've got to get he train back late afternoon but I am very excited even to be in the park during the games. Can't wait!! They seem to be releasing loads more tickets just got to keep refreshing the site and being quick to choose.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    finally managed to get something random!

    Women's volleyball semis on thursday..thank goodness...to have it on trhe doorstep and not get there would be plain ridiculous.

    Seems to be one time an evening between 6 and 7 where stacks of tickets go on sale, and it's just pure luck if you pick and get the right thing..

  • i went to hockey on Saturday and Athletics today, took me 30 minutes from registering to purchasing tickets (not expensive ones either). no problems at all

  • well i was pleased as punch that I managed to see get to Weymouth and see Ben Ainslie sail to gold, OMG what an experience, it was fantastic, what an atmosphere, never expected to witness one of our olympians get gold!!! 

    Go Team GB!!!

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