Speedo Big Swim

Is anyone planning on doing the Big Swim?

I'm very tempted, but I'm not a fan of mass starts in swimming. Being kicked in the head just doesn't do it for me. I know some people on here did it last year - how bad/good was it? The medal looked cool if nothing else image


  • I think there's a few of us feedstation volunteers planning on doing it(well the 1500m anyway) - its free for us apparently image!!

  • Is it? Cool image

    I was thinking of just doing the 1500m and starting at the back image

  • Sarah, see message from Schmunkee at the bottom of the following page:



  • don't be such a wuss, get yourself entered into the 5K, I have and it is indeed free if you register as a marshall with OSB


  • I am indeed a wuss image

    5K in a pool - no problem. 5K whilst clad in neoprene and being swum over/punched in the head - nah image

    Ta for the info RafikiD. I'll have a look into marshalling image

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    I'm doing the 3k (paid for, sadly, as I'm relaying on the bike, not marshalling).

    I don't think there's going to be much biff in these races, as there will be far fewer participants than on Sunday. I've done the short swims on the Saturday as a practice before both previous Outlaws, and it's never been tricky at the start. Actually,come to think of it, it was tricky at last year's start, but only because I was still getting into my wetsuit about 30 seconds beforehand image. I'd recommend it if you can do it free! 

  • I'm doing the 5k and certainly won't be wearing a wetsuit
  • I'm doing the 3k.

    I will be in wetsuit.

    My first yr I did 500m the day before outlaw just so I could try out the lake. Last year I did 1500m as I was supporting.
  • I am supporting this year but will have to be off at a decent time on the Sunday to get home. I really want to support and athlete til he gets on the run because I think he will be ok once he gets there.
  • That's not quite tru, I want to support everybody image
  • If you're in Outlaw, is there a trial swim on the Saturday or do you need to enter the Big Swim?  Fankyooo!

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Sarah go for it. I did Speedo big swim at Dorney the other week as my first mass start, there were 300+ but it was OK I stayed at the back and kept away from the racing line so didnot get swum over but the winner did lap me on my 3k.

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