Blenheim triathlon - petrified!!!

Hello all

Doing my first triathlon (Blenheim - supersprint)on Sunday and just had a look at the entries and in my wave there are only 17 people.. was petrified before but feeling sick with nerves now... convinced i will be last/look stupid/fall off bike/all of the above..

If i wasn't doing it for charity would haave pulled out by now - am really not looking forward to it and looking for som words of wisdom from people who've been in that position!



  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭


    all experienced triathletes have been there - the 1st tri is always the scariest as you're sticking your head into the unknown.

    just try to keep calm and give it your best shot.  so what if you're last??  I bet you won't be next time....  image

  • Louise


    The person that is last always gets the biggest cheer from tri folk, but if its waves, you generally can't tell who was in each wave and their postions.

    We have all been in the same situation as you and it is fear of the unkown.

    i bet you will love it and after you finish you will start thinking about another one.


  • Yep I can do looking silly (you seen pirate kit) falling off ? Frequently not quite last but almost at Bala last year. And still keep coming back for more

    Relax and enjoy it
  • thanks for replies - it is in waves so thats reassuring that people wont be able to tell where I've come.. It was the 17 people bit that started the serious panicking.. image

    will try and calm down a bit.

    thanks again

  • Please don't worry! When anyone competes in an event a lot of nerves set in and everyone has to start somewhere. Also, no one minds a bit if people do silly things, no one is going to make fun of you for falling! They'll be asking if you're okay and hopefully picking you up image

    I would think the main aim for your first tri is to complete it and try and have fun in the process, I'm also sure there will be people there who are just trying it for the first time. image

  • I think you've misread it, there are 19 waves on the Saturday, and 18 waves on the Sunday, and 6800 entered, so an average of over 180 per wave, and waves starting between 20 and 30 minutes apart, you won't get lonely.


    Best of all, enjoy, and don't sprint the finish, slow down a little and savour the moment

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭

    Blenheim was my first Tri 2 years ago and I felt the same and there was no need for it. Just try and relax and when going into the water place yourself to either side and to the back of the main pack so you don`t get sucked into the scrum at the start. There are usualy all kinds of abilities there so dont worry. The best thing I did was get to the swim start area really early and watch a couple of "Waves" start off. As soon as I saw that there were quite a lot of slow swimmers I didnt feel anywhere near as bad.

    Once I had finished the race I dd feel a bit stupid for getting so nervous. Just go out there and enjoy it.

  • If there's 17 people in your wave then you'll have plenty of space to swim image
    If there are more people then I find positioning myself off to one side and slightly behind the mass of people is better as it allows me to get into a rhythm without having to worry about clashing with other swimmers at the start. Mind you I'm not the most confident of swimmers when it comes to starts.

    There's nothing wrong with being last, your not coming in with crowds so family and friends have no excuse for missing seeing you.

    Have a great time, Blenheim is a lovely place to race.


  • Thanks, husband said it was good to only have 17 people.. Less likely to get kicked. image

    Definitely feeling a bit happier now, will let you now how I get on!!
  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    I did my first tri a month ago - was really nervous and worried I would get it all wrong, but it went well and I really enjoyed it. I bet there will be loads of other first-timers there so when you get there and sort stuff out, just start chatting to people around you and you will see there are loads of other people feeling just the same.

    don't worry about how long it takes

    have fun

  • Louise

    Blenheim was my first tri a few years ago.  It was my first ever open water swim too.  It is a fab event and you really don't need to worry about it.  It is a fabulously organised event, perfect for a first tri.  Go and enjoy your day x

    Having been stone cold last at IM last year I can honestly say it is a great spot because the cheers are huge.

    You won't know whether you are last or not being in waves so don't let that worry you.

  • As m'learned colleagues have said, just relax, and enjoy the day. Most of the field will be first timers faffing about and also nervous, so you're in good company! Talk to people as you go, some will be too focussed or brain dead to respond, but many will appreciate some friendly banter.
    No shame coming last either, done it more than once. Beats staying home on the couch and never getting to the start line!

  • Thanks every one for your support and nice words!! Haveq done it! 1 hour 38 mins including some lost time for a slipped chain on the bike.. Very happy with my swim though. Am currently planning my next one and shopping for a new bike image

    Thanks again. Am so happy to h ave done it AND enjoyed it. As promised, loads of first timers and all the more experienced were really friendly and helpful..

    Shame I smell like a pond now.. Think I better go and have a wash!!

  • Sign her up for IM

  • Lou - Why dont you stop by the fatman to ironman thread we're all newbies ( well most of us with some supervision from the more experienced pirates)

    Well done and I'm where you were last week, t minus 5 sleeps until first Tri image
  • yes, I will do thanks! Definitely caught the bug.. have entered for another in September already image

    Good luck - which one are you doing?  

  • Lakeside Sprint in Essex image and then Oly at Virgin London in Sept, with the Outlaw relay leg in between at this stage (i'm doing the walk at the end!)

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    gastank you will love it! Hope the weather is kind though

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