Marathon moans

If i get one more of the following in my efforts to train for the Loch Ness Marathon and collect cash in aid of the cat protection league I will scream...!
1. Is it a real marathon? (Duh!)
2. Are you running the full 26 miles? (Duh again!)
3. You must be crazy/mad/insane.(I am I dont need you to tell me)
4. Are you nervous? (YES!!!)
5. You must be fit. (Ive been running 5 times a week for longer than i can remember.........i suppose so.........)
Anyone else got anymore?


  • here's one.... do you think you'll do it? Of course I think I'll 'do' it!
  • I really hate the one that goes ->

    runnings boring - usually a comment from someone who's only exercise is to walk from the bar back to his or her table.

  • You want to be careful at your age you'll give yourself a heart attack
    Doh! that's why I took up running, to keep myself fit.
  • And afterwards#
    How far was it

  • all I got was the "are you crazy/mad/insane?" which to be honest was a fair question!
  • My mum told me that I'd never get a husband if I went round doing things like the London marathon.

    So of course I had to prove her wrong. Took me a couple of years though :)
  • I got mine before!
    Mind you , hes not too pleased with the running thing--
  • the only way I've got Mrs OB on board with the marathon thing is to enter New York where she can fry the plastic!!
  • Oh dear, hope youre bank manager is understanding
    You can gret lots of cheap sports stuff in NY too!
  • never ceases to amaze me:
    "How far's this one then?"
    "Same distance as the last one, 26.2 miles, they're ALL 26.2 miles"

    oh dear, spoken as a true anorak, who can't understand why everyone else's life doesn't revolve around the finer details of marathon running..........
  • guess they just need something to say, as theyre SO awe inspired by the mere thought of it
  • My dad, on hearing I'd entered my first marathon:
    'Are women's marathons the same distance as men's?'
    He didn't live that down for some time.

  • dont talk to me about dads!!
    he could WALK faster than I run (allegedly), and tried to get me to run at 21 miles of the marathon---
    I could barely manage to stand!!!
  • 'running is boring'

    This one makes me chuckle too!

    If you then ask them if they could run non-stop for 20 minutes they usually reply,'no chance'.

    Very low boredom threshold if you ask me:-)

    One guy at work told me recently that he would swim to exercise but found it too boring.I enquired how far he could swim and he replied,'about 4 lengths'.

  • "I suppose you will have to practice a bit" left me in stitches!

    "How far is it?" is now so common it no longer grates the way it once did.

    "Will you still run if it's raining?" is met with a withering look.

    Good luck for Sunday - maybe see you there.
  • "Did you finish your walk, then?" lots of my patients asked me after London. Admittedly I did most of the last half at sub-running pace, but nonetheless...

    I got lots of "Are you going to do all of it?" and "You can't do a marathon, you're such a little thing." Grrr! I hate it when other people notice that I'm a touch vertically challenged.

    And the number of people who told me it would be bad for my knees - I was almost reduced to replying, "There's only one person in this room qualified to talk about knees, and it ain't you". The worst were the knowing nods as I limped through the waiting room with my hip injury.

    "I wouldn't want to/couldn't do that," as if it might have occurred to me to invite them along.

    My favourite was when I was displaying my medal from the 22nd FLM, and someone said, "Were you 22nd? Well done!" If only.
  • My mum when I say that I am running another marathon usually replies with "What do you want to that again for?"

  • V-raps are mini. If I were big I'd be T-rex.
  • Ironman,

    I think your Mum has a point..............
  • Christine,

    Sorry to butt in on your thread. There's about half a dozens of us doing the Loch Ness this weekend. There's a thred on the event's page if you fancy joining us, also will you be at the pasta party.
  • My own personal favourite, after any race, no matter what scale or how well-known:

    "Did you win?"

    AGHAGAHGAHAGHGGGGGGGGGGHHHH. (By the way, I do not look the type to win any race)
  • No probs!
    Im going to the pasta party, along with my '.....if only my knee wasnt so bad' husband. Be great to meet you.
    Thanks for all the contributions to the thread any more are welcome
    My all time irk though still has to be my disaproving Dad who rekons Loch Ness isnt a REAL marathon and on hearing I entered FLM 2003 said 'you cant do that its for REAL runners'......grrr
  • I ran the bristol half this weekend.
    When collecting my sponsership money i get one of two annoying comments,either:
    'How did the marathon go then'.For some strange reason i really hate that one.

    Or, an EX-friend said to me 'how was your walk'.I just ran 13.2 miles till my legs felt like lead and i could barely stand.

  • Last night, out for a gentle run with the club, mentioned my triumph at New Forest half and someone said 'that's 14 miles isn't it?'.
  • A comment I've had a few times is, "Are you sure you should be running marathons, what with you being a vegetarian and all?..."
  • Oh yes Ive had the vegetarian one you mention it
    Dont get me started on anti-vegetarian attitudes, Ive bit my tounge with my stepson there on more than one occasion.
  • What about when you aren NOT running a marathon. Say a 10K, and they ask
    if this is your first marathon. This isn't a marathon, this is a 10K. Oh, what's the
    difference. Grrrr.
    And to top it off, why don't you run a marathon instead?
  • On the veggie theme. A UK running mag (ahem) this month contains the following advice to veggies (paraphrased):

    "... some amino acids are only available from animal produce so vegetarians need to be careful to include plant foods that contain these..."

    Hmmm. That would be the pork lettuces would it? Or perhaps the beef potatoes? Must look out for them.

  • Christine

    Are vegetarians allowed to bite tongue?

    (ducking quickly!)
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