city of liverpool 10k

does anyone know if you can enter this event online.I would like to enter but can't find any info on how to enter other than the telephone number on liverpool local goverment web site.


  • I'm fairly certain you cannot enter online and there are no entries on the day. Closing date for postal entries in this Friday, so hurry.
  • Item in this morning's Liverpool Daily Post:
    ring Liverpoo City Council's Events Management Unit for an entry form on
    0151 233 3007
    or 0151 233 6351

    good luck
  • thanks for the info guys i may have left it to late i'll try anyway cheers.
  • I'd love to do this - Liverpool's a great city, be a chance to look up some old haunts. Any one know anything about the event, where and when it starts from and the route.
  • mike i used the phone numbers you gave me got through to the event organiser who told me the closing date for entries has been put back to the 4th of october and has sent me a entry form 1st class.THANK you very much mike for your help it is much appreciated.
  • As far as I can remember it starts on Brodie Avenue outside Garston Sports Centre, down to Rose Lane, Mossley Hill Road, round here, up there down Mather Avenue, up here, back down there, finish back at the sports centre. Good run, pretty flat apart from Rose Lane which is a short sharp hill at about 1 mile.
    You will be able to send a univeral entry form in. The closing date is Friday but I doubt that the limit of 3000 will be reached.
  • I just thought I'd say - I'm really looking forward to this race - It's my first!!
  • First race or first Liverpool 10K?
    Either way, have a good 'un.
  • Cheers FF

    It'll be my first race!
  • Just got my race number! 493 - I'm soooo excited, I think I'm gonna pop.
  • Good luck to you all. I ran Liverpool last year and it is without a doubt the best organised 10k i have ever run. It was refreshing to see a council supporting the event. It was well marshalled and the car parking was very easy. Good luck!
  • I have universal entry form does anyone know price for non affiliated ?
    I have ran before, great race, Liverpool Echo says race limit 3000 they've had about 1500 so far.
    First 10k since cruciate ligament reconstructed so wish me luck.
  • Its ok, just been to gym & they had entry forms so have all the details.
  • Vicky,

    Good luck - hope all goes well.

    Am very sceptical about the Echo claim, as
    1) it clashes with Chester Zoo 10K - also a v popular race. (NB - it's Chester Zoo that's changed its date this year.)
    2) they've put the closing date back a week
    3) rumours I heard at yesterday's Seaside Run suggests in fact they're struggling to attract anywhere near that sort of number.

    A shame the races clash as I would have liked to do both.
  • I thought it was odd cos i know i've done both races in the past.
    did you know there is a southport 5 miler this sunday 10.30 ??
  • Well got my No. 3756, hope to do better time than last 10k, 75 mins. Event organisers reckon they have around 2,400 entrants.

    1st race in my URWFRC vest, anyone else going.
  • As Mike S points out, why are two leading North west 10Ks being run on the same day. When I found out I could not run the Liverpool 10K due to my daughters birthday party, I consoled myself with the fact that I should be able to do the Chester Zoo 10K (which is only 100 yards from house) and then for this to be dahsed when I got the entry form. It can't be too difficlt to co-ordinate these things, can it?
  • Am I the only Forumite doing this then.
  • No WW you are not alone.

    I will be running on Sunday, hoping for a new PB on the day. Although I am at a fiftieth birthday party the night before! I might have to sneek out early (don't think the wife will be to pleased though).
  • Wow what an absolutely brilliant experience - I'm still on a high. I finished my first race today.
    I was surprised how good I felt going around and spoke to a few people on the way - Wicke d Witch was one of them!!
    I'm new to all this running lark but I thought it was really well organised and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
    I finished in about 57 minutes, I'll have to wait for official time because I pressed the wrong button on my watch accidently stopping it for about a minute.
    I can't wait for my next race!

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