Offerton 10Km

Did this last year, great race, incredible value organised by a cracking club.  Be aware though that its not a PB, and there are so blimmin tough hills.  Great laugh though and the marshalls are incredibly supportive.  Worth it for the atmosphere alone


  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭

    Hills!!!! What hills! Never!image

    Pre-Entries are well up on last year, (60+) Just hope for a good running night now. Also this is part of the Summer Six Pack Series, so plenty of prizes on offer if you complete four of the races.

  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭
  • Looks like I'll be doing the results on behalf of ukresults (again) image with my daughter doing the YA Mile!

  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭

    Will be good to see youy agian Vince.

  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭

    Only two weeks to go and an entry list currently close to 80 runners. Expecting a final weeks rush of entries as usual.

    Hope you can all make it and if your not able to run please consider marshalling.

  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭

    Not long now. 130+ pre entries which is well up on last year. Just hope the weather is kind and we get the same amount on the night. Registration opens at 6:15ish...

  • BritNickBritNick ✭✭✭

    What a superb race; my second time, first was in 2005 and I'd forgotten that there were three climbs. The front runner overtook me on my second climb, and I had to do it all again one more time. What a marvellous way to spend part of an evening, though. Thanks Stockport, awesome support from all the marshals and spectators.

    Thank goodness the later monsoon didn't occur during the race.

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