Word and hyperlink help

Hello all

I have just started a new job after 2 years "off" and my head is a bit mush. I am struggling with putting a web site link into word. The link only works if I right click and select "open hyperlink". There is no "hand" if I hover over the link

How do I get this to open without this extra step?



  • If you're sure you want to do it (it will make it harder to edit for instance) then click on the File menu, choose options and then Advanced.  You can now untick the tick box for Ctrl + click to follow links image

  • I am sure because I am sending it out to 400 countries and I don't want to have to explain anything additional to what I am trying to explain.......

    and it worked image

    and I love you (hope you're a bloke because that won't be right otherwise!)

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