My ankle hurts!

The back of my ankle has been quite painful in the last couple of days, and seems to be getting worse. I do stretches after a run, but don't know if I'm doing the right ones to help this problem. Any ideas?


  • Is it your achilles tendon that is hurting? I'm no expert but having had achilles tendonitus I would say REST REST and more REST! As well as the usual ice packs and so on.
  • It could well be, if it is what would have been the cause, too much running?
  • When I first started running I got terrible pains in my knees and ankles despite stretching and good warm ups. The problem appeared to lie in my old cross training trainers not minimising the impact on my joints. A new running pair, with extra cushioning and a pair of x socks have done the trick and I have been ploding pain free ever since.
  • Lil, did you stop running when suffering from the pains. I don't want to give up something I'm enjoying. My trainers may need replacing, but they're not particularly old and were recommended by a speacialist shop, who watched the way I ran to inform their decision.
  • I think stretching is also very important, before and after training.
    I sought help from a fitness instructor in my gym about how to stretch properly. I would advice you to get some advice from some suitably qualified.
    Like Lil' Roo, suggested the problem may also lay in what trainers you are running in. Again, seek expert advice.

    Hope the problem clears up quickly for u.
  • Bumpkin, like NY says get specialist advice. I din't run when I was suffering from the pains, I temporarily gave up and swam instead because I was concerned about doing some permenant damage. Specialist advice should be able to pinpoint your problem.

    All the best!
  • Thanks Everyone, I'll book an appointment now.
  • Have a look at your trainers - could be that they are a bit high at the back of your ankle and dig into the achilles tendon when you run.
    What sort are you running in? Are you wearing socks that may also be pressing into your ankle from the pressure of the shoes?
  • I've got a pair of Asics Gel Durango, I've not noticed any problems until now. Maybe just time to get a replacement.
  • Do you wake up feeling very tight in the achilles area ? and find yourself walking like an old man/woman ?
    Do you take steps (going down) one at a time because of the discomfort ?
    If so, almost certainly achilles. DO NOT RUN ON THEM if it is, as you will definitely make things worse and end up being off for much longer.
    Get them checked by a doctor/physio asap, then take their advice to sort the problem out.

  • Have a similar problem to yours. Started running about 5 months ago and am hoping to run my first half marathon in 5 weeks time.About a week ago the pain in my left ankle started and was diagnosed as achilles tendonitis. Have had a few rest days and managed 4 miles last night. I am hoping to slowly increase my mileage but am obviously feeling pressured by the impending race. I can't say I'm painfree when running but wearing heel-pads ( from the physio) and an ankle support have helped.
    I just really hope I will overcome this to run in 5 weeks.
  • Good Luck with that pink, and don't do too much! I've been resting and thought it might have been ok, but the pain started again. I've got an appointment with a physio in a few weeks though.
  • Bad luck bumpkin,
    let's hope you get it sorted soon. I managed 5 miles last night which I am really pleased about. Am now going to take a couple of rest days and will try for 7-8 on saturday.
    The advice from my physio ( might help):
    Stop running as soon as the pain is more than a 2 ( on a scale of 1-10); have more rest days ( I was only having one rest day a week), achilles stretches!! and try wearing heel pads ( which I didn't last night and it was my first almost painfree run!). I have also started to cross-train ( swimming).
    Hope this helps. Sounds so depressing when you read through the forums and some people have suffered for months>
  • Hello, Country Bumpkin

    I sympathise cos I have dodgy achilles too with plantar faciitis in my left foot. It was brought on by a change in my training - I'd introduced more hills and speed work. I saw a podiatrist last week who told me that the problems stem from my tight calfs which are restricting my dorsa flexion (ie, bending my ankle upwards). I've been given a load of stretches to do and should see an improvement in 2-4 weeks. Heel pads are a good idea too cos they give you a few mm of extra lift. To give you a wee bit of positivity, I've been doing my stretches for a week now and I do feel a reduction in pain and my left foot isn't as hobbly as it used to be.

    Hope you get better soon!
  • Hi again, forgot to mention that my physio also advised avoiding hills ( not easy around here)but worth a try.
    Good luck
  • I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a pain in my ankle/achilles area, which hurts when I point my toes rather than when I pull them back so I don't think it is an achilles problem. When I point my toes, it hurts the achilles tendon as it is compressed and in the soft bit between the achilles tendon and the ankle bone.

    any ideas what this could be and how I can treat it?
  • Excuse the fact I'm not technically minded, but there's something like a tendon that runs from your toes to your heels (told you I'm not technical) which might be causing you pain. A good stretch is to sit with bare feet on the floor & try to raise your toes & heel at same time. Best to do several times like any stretch.

    It'll hurt at first but as it strengthens n lengthens the pain in your heel should go.

    it's worth a try.

  • Thanks for the reply. If I sit on the floor with my legs out straight, I can pull my toes back OK without pain, but when I point them away, it hurts in the back of my ankle, and also I can't point the bad foot as far as the good one.

    Any other ideas anyone?
  • Good question Darren, I suspect you have something similar to me. I too have pain on pointing my toes but deeper into the back of ankle than achilles. Pain is particularly bad if I point toes and push the base of my heel into the joint. I'm undergoing sports massage to loosen my calf muscles and physio to resolve the problem(laser/infrared and acupuncture). Nothing seems to be working though. The physio thinks it's a compressed bursor in my ankle but does anyone else have any ideas??
  • Am having the pains in the bottom of my foot - plantar facititus?? And now am getting pains in my achilles too - god knows why, my trainers are fine, having been building my distances on a gradual basis, do plenty of cross-training too, and do loads of stretching - have been running for a couple of years, so why has this happened now - it bloomin hurts!! And I can't wear high heels without pain!
  • Hi there

    About 7 weeks ago on a club night I felt something "go" in the back of my calf. Turns out that I went over on my ankle & tore the gastrocnemus muscle. This muscle is now ok the problem is my ankle. I have tried running but I get a pain - it feels like deep inside either side of my ankle & a little way up my leg. My physio recons that it may be a bursitus & has recommended ibuprufen. I have been taking these for a week now but can still feel a tenderness. I am getting desperate!! Any advice greatly welcomed, anyone had a similar problem - if so how much longer before I can run.
  • Thanks for all of the above folks! I've been running with no problems for 3 years until 6 weeks ago got swelling, pain and heat with a "bump" on achilles' tendon. Was already seeing osteo/sports theraist(didn't get very far) and he's now sending me off to an acupuncturist! Did find very tense calf muscles which I massage for several minutes each day, with some effect!I can't wear high heels, am finding gel heel supports some help and have been wearing a magnet with best effect so far! However even short runs give me pain and I am getting frustrated. Any other good ideas?
  •  Ya i was running around a 30 mile week sep-mid december  but then i stoped durring the holidays , i just got running last week Feb, and after like 10ish min of running my ankles achilles tendon and the back of my lower calf starts hurting SUPEr bad!  i only have this pain when i run for a while otherthen that  there are no sighns of pain in my daily life.  soccer startes here tommorw so i need some awnsers so i can keep running!
  • I play volleyball and same here the back of my ankle is killing me I put ice on it but it still hurts idk what to do I have had heel problems and thought that was what's wrong and been doing stretches but I think it made it worse
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