Real Relay

The Real Relay - an endurancelife organised attempt to un a continuous 8000 mile relay along the length of the Olympic Torch relay - arrives in Northern Ireland tomorrow. There are still legs needing runners from Sunday night through to Wednesday - take a look at (or google endurancelife real relay) and if you are in the area then sign up for a leg and help ensure that it doesn't grind to a halt. Smll entry fee goes to a kids charity, but most important we need to keep the baton moving!


  • Was honoured to run the stage from Birkenhead to John Lennon airport today. It is a great idea and raises money for a worthy cause. The whole process of the 'baton' changeover then running your stage with the endurancelife 'baton' is great fun. I would urge anyone to get involved, don't wait for the baton to come to your area, you might miss out. It was probably the most enjoyable run I have ever done in the pouring rain, smile from ear to ear all the way image


  • I'm a CHICKS fundraiser and the money that's being raised for our charity by the Real Relay means we can continue to give children from deprived backgrounds a chance of a break. Keeping the relay going both for the charity's perspective, and because it's how the torch should have travelled round the UK, is important. If anyone has ideas of how we can reach Northern Ireland's runners, please reply below and I'll email/phone or whatever is needed to keep the relay going.

    To those who have run - thank you so much, I hope you enjoyed it.
    To those hoping to run later stages - thank you so much I hope you will enjoy it.
    To anyone who can help fill stages especially in NI - thank you!

  • Just managed to grab a relay leg.

    /Does little dance in excitement!
  • I managed to get my home leg today and am now looking forward to the 12.5miles and even the 2 hills in the last few miles.

    Such a great idea and I'm so please it is getting the support it deserves, most of the legs posted this morning were gone in a couple of hours.

    CHICKS must be very please with the money this will raise and the press they are getting.

    On a more practical note how big/heavy is the baton?

    Any good stories from the legs that have already been completed?

  • Ill be carrying the baton from Aldernaston into Newbury next Friday....13th July....If anybody would like to join in for the leg feel free to drop us a line...Did i mention the 4.55am handover ??? ;-p
  • Finally received the deserved national press attention. See todays Independent;

    Would be nice to travel down to join in for the final stage when the baton reaches the stadium where everyone is invited, that's an "Epic" stage for sure!


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