Hi guys and girls have been a subscriber to Runners World site for a month or so. Just regestered with URWFRC. read on site that when you purchase the vest or running shirt some of the cash goes to registration. Excuse me for being a bit slow but is that fficial registration as a registered running club? Anyone running in the Aldershot area? I'm 40 + and have got my running down to 8 min miles. Hoping to improve without injury.


  • Welcome Shot Jock. I think when the URWFRC was first set up there was a debate about getting registered and it was floated that funding could perhaps be done from surplus from the clothing. At the time we decided that we'd do without registration and I think the price of the vest/t-shirt was set at what it costs to produce them. I think that this is right but DW who has recently taken over as KitSec may put me right on this.

    The debate on registering the club has recently been reopened in one of the other threads on this forum.

    Happy running.
  • Thank you Murf I'll hunt the thread down.
  • Welcome SJ. For now we are not Affiliated and the current thinking seems to be that we will remain that way. Many of us have bought the shirts though and are proud to wear it in races. There are a few of us around Hampshire, Thames Valley so you may come across us.

    I'm running Fleet in the next month which isn't a million miles away from you
  • Thanks Blue Knees have run the Fleet half many times when I was younger used to be the Army's main event. Not ready for that yet still building up stamina after injury. I am running in th Julian Farrell Memorial 10K on 29th Sept though. I like the idea of the winter shirts but may well apply for the t shirt. Thanks for your contact anyway. Good luck in the Fleet
  • Give us a shout if you're running any other local races or alternativly if you've signed up on the URWFRC site then add a race in there. Good luck in the 10k
  • Seen the thread about Arborfield. Havent seen any other info on it may need to ask my Military friends from that area. Surprised its not been mentioned in Military circles yet. If I get info i will post it on the other site....SJ
  • If you're looking for info then ring the following 0118 9774729
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