Swansea Bay 10K, 2003

Once again, this year's Swansea Bay 10K a great day out. A minor moan though...

Felix Limo's day trip to S.Wales and his astonishing 27:39 course record earned him a £25000 Saab 9-3 Convertible (my mate Steve and I got a pencil each - not jealous, honest !)

Why such an absurdly expensive prize for the Kenyan ? Does this really benefit the sponsor or the organisers of the race ?? If I had that kind of dosh to throw around I'd have given the youngsters doing the 1 and 3 K races something to take home

Another symptom of the 'rich must get richer' society we live in ???



  • Tim, cut out the socialist crap on this forum please. If you could run as fast as Limo you could win the Saab too !!!!!!!!

    If you read the programme you will see that the Saab prize has been up for grabs for the last three years for anyone who beat the course record.

    And had you entered early enough your £7 entry fee would have got you a T-shirt as well as the goody-bag. ( where were the pencils ?).
  • So much for freedom of speech George !

    We need to get the balance right and learn from others (footy/rugby) where silly prizes/money/wages for the elite has done little for the sport at grass roots

    Anyway, good to know that it was my 'socialist cr*p' princiles that prevented me from winning a SAAB - had previously put this down to lack of ability etc !


    PS My T-shirt and (rare ?!) PENCIL have been donated to 'War on Want'...

  • Nice reply "T" . That I agree with !!!
  • Does Mr. Limo have to change his name to Mr Saab now he's won one ?

    And it does seem excessive, but I suppose if it gets the coverage that the sponsor wants then its worthwhile.

    Must dash - off to the gym to cut my 10k time by a third for next year !
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