Tuesday session (24/9/2002)

Last nights session ended up being 30 minutes easy as whilst I wasn't feeling exceptionally tired - in the interests of self preservation decided to take it easy. In any event expecting to cut mileage by about one third this week as part of marathon taper.

Today: one hour (including 3 x 5 minutes fast - half marathon pace, 3 mins recovery)
Why: Gentle speed session
Last rest: Friday
Last hard: Sunday

Over the last few days the knee injury that has plagued me all summer has started to receed, I have a theory as to what the root cause of the injury has been which I'm currently testing - if it turns out to be true then it will surely be the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard.........watch this space!


  • What: rest day
    last hard: yesterday
    thinking of resting today and tomorrow in preparation for a 16 miler on Thursday.

    Martin H - am intrigued!
  • Morning all

    What: Steady 30 min Swim at lunchtime – 6-8mile paced run this evening
    Why : Club night tonight

    Looking forward to my first run for over a week :o)

    Last Rest day: Saturday
  • Xtraining still (5 miles* yesterday)- afraid to run on the road at the moment because of my back and with windsor coming up it's not the prep i need, but at least it's working the old heart and lungs.

    need a kick in the butt to get outside and training. as i haven't been on the road in about 10 days.
  • Martin, spill the beans. Don't leave us in suspense!

    What: About 7 miles after my early finish this afternoon, intensity depending on how I feel. Then might take Kevin out for a little walk/jog.
    Why: Obeying the schedules again (after blowing them yesterday by having a recovery run and a 1200m swim instead of one or the other) and getting Kevin's legs ready to cope with that big hill in Scotland.
    Last rest day: Friday.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
  • what: some form of short speed session (but NOT sprinting)
    why: on a taper
    last rest: yesterday
    last tough day: saturday

    MartinH: i suspect it's something like:
    the car seat was too far forward
    I alwasy cross my left leg over my right....
  • what - steady 4
    why - need to keep the numbers going but have several slight aches
    last hard - Thursday
    last rest Sunday

    Just bought a second pair of 2070's and some Roc's so I must keep training AND do some cross country this season.
  • sfh - not correct, but I did suspect at one point that it was due to the way I got out of / into the car.

    I will reveal all before the end of the week.
  • What:
    AM - 5 miles easy
    PM - 9 miles incl 5 x 1 mile at 10k pace with 200m recoveries
    Why: Speeeeeeeeeed
    Last hard run - Thursday
    Last rest day - Sunday

  • Enjoyed my gym session last night
    10 mins rower (warm up)
    light weights x 20 reps x 2
    10 mins treadmill (tried a faster run at 9.5kph sick of being a plodder))
    10 mins stretching and cool down.
    Felt really good when I walked out.
    Club night tonight - 6/7 mile run, and looking forward to it.

  • What: 9 mile hilly fartlek with club
    Why: How can I resist?
    Last hard run: Sunday
    Last rest day: Thursday
  • What: 3-4 miles brisk
    Why: Tapering for Sunday (5 days to go.....wahhh!), although how I can call it a taper from last week's virtually nil mileage, I don't know.

    Not much point in doing any more longer runs now. I know I haven't done as much training as I needed/wanted to, but that's life. I've still done SOOOOO much more than I did for London 2000, so I should at least be able to run most of the way, and be able to walk on Monday.
  • Can barely walk after Sunday never mind run. might need a few more days off!
  • Haven't posted anything yet as my legs still don't fell q right from Sunday. Did want to do something fairly fast with 5K race in view next Sunday.
    Will decide what to do on getting home....
  • Afternoon campers,
    Thought I felt better after yesterdays nausea/dizziness so set off to the gym to do 12*400 at 5k pace.
    Instead did 4*400 before feeling shagged out, so thought I'd attempt a couple of miles steady: did about 1 mile before feeling sick.
    All in all 4 miles in 30 minutes - not bad given how I feel.
    So the upside is that with Windsor on Sunday, I'm following the sensible road and missing sessions (Dustin in following advice shocker!) until I feel top drawer again.

    Don't want to jeopordise the 100 day training plan for a halfM pb with overdoing it in the last week.

    Last Hard run : Thursday
    Last easy run : Saturday
    Rest days : Sunday/Monday

  • What: Intervals in the gym (with my mum, bless her, standing next to me trying to talk to me whilst I'm wearing my eyephones and listening to something else.) Plus weight training after and health spa loathing around.

    I thought

    2km warm up at 12kph then,
    4 x 400m at 14kph with
    4 x 400m at 12kph recoveries then,
    4 x 200m at 15kph with
    4 x 400m at 12kph recoveries, then
    2 x 100m at 16kph with
    1 x 400m at 11kph recovery (finishing on the sprint)

    and if my maths is correct that's 8.2km and should take me just about 39mins.

    Why: My interval session of the week and one of my weights sessions.

    Last hard day: Sunday
    Last rest day: Yesterday

    Bet I whimp out and cut it short. I know, it'll probably be my mums fault because she'll drag me off to the jacuzzi for a soak :)
  • Caz

    With eyephones do you get to watch what your listening too ?


  • Oops, cheers Will, I mean earphones! LOL
  • What: did 2 miles gentle at lunchtime
    Why: onto a basic maintenance programme during the week now. Need to get my PhD thesis submitted before Christmas so all club runs/long runs have to be abandoned during the week while I work.
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last hard day: Friday
  • Lunchtime: run with the kids, including some undulating off -road relay type intervals - fun!

    Evening - warm up, 3 x 1km in 3:40ish, off 300m easy recoveries, warm down.

    Why? wanted to do something hardish but had to fit it in while my son was playing a school 5 a side match.
  • What; Another sewaty interval session in the gym, 10 * 400m at 10k pace with fast 200 m jog in between. 1 k warm up and cool down
    Why: Day 95 of Windsor 1/2 programme
    Last Hard: Friday
    Last Rest: Yesterday

    Got to the gym and was getting changed when I pulled my running shoes out of the bag stuffed into them were my socks from Friday............Lovely!!!!

  • what: steady run on partly offroad course I'd never run before - time 29:15, mean HR 143
    why: Sunday's race has taken more out of me than I realised - did want to do something faster to prepare for 5K race next Sunday

    last hard day: Sun
    last rest day: Sat

    rather worried in that I felt I was working quite hard but HR remained low throughout run - classic overtraining symptom. NO way of telling how fast I really was running though.
  • Know the feeling Mike,luckily I had the forum to explain it to me!

    Nessie, very best of luck for the marathon if I don't 'see' you again. Sounds like you're well prepared.

    What: 4.5 miles easy.
    Why: still tired from Sunday, but wanted to do something while the sun still shines.
    Last hard: Sun
    Last rest: yesterday

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 10 x 800 off 90 sec recoveries @ average of 2:43. That's 7 secs per repeat faster than 3 weeks ago! Even managed to do final 800m in 2:40.
    Why: 1st of 2 weekly key speed sessions
    Last hard day: Sunday's 10k
    Last rest day: Saturday

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