Knee brace

I wear a strong tubigrip thing but I think I need something a dull pain ache in the left side of my knee......lots of info on the web but where to buy a good brace??
Any suggesions advice gratefully received..


  • I tore a load of ligaments in my knee a few years back and had to invest in a good knee brace while I recovered. I got mine - a neoprene thing with metal hinged bars down the sides - from the sweatshop - don't know if they still do them or not...

    I would look into some physio and strenghtening exercises though!
  • If its a dull pain only, you might be better off with doing exercises to stengthen and stretch all the upper leg muscles (both thigh musckes and hamstrings). has a good list of exercises, plus links to limb support suppliers. I followed a link to who proved to be very helpful and quick.
  • Hi,

    I wear a Patella strap which provides good support. It is a thin strap under the kneecap (look at Veron for Man Utd.). They are cheap and easy to run in!!
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