Running & anti-biotics

Picked up a minor ear infection on holiday - had it flushed out and after a few days of "Sofradex" drops it seems okay. Doctor also prescribed "Ofloxin 400" (5 days at 2 per day). Does any one happen to know:

- are anti-biotics proven to have an adverse effect on running performance?

- if so, for how long are they likely to affect my performance after I've finished taking the course?

(I've an important race on 23rd August that I've trained long and hard for and therefore intend to delay taking the anti-biotics until the day after - if in the meantime the ear flares up again I will of course have to start taking the dam things straightaway.)


  • No effect mate, unless they give you the squits
    but the infection might affect your performance
  • Anti-biotics WILL affect your immune system and remove essential healthy bacteria. You need to take probiotics to replace those lost - many yoghurts are "live" now, but you may benefit from pills from Health Food Shop.
    I would never take anti-biotics unless ESSENTIAL. Aloe Vera ear drops would have done the trick, just taken a little longer.
  • Another antibiotic thread

    Well I thought it was funny!
  • Thanks Pant-Man. I thought as much - at the beginning of the year I was prescribed anti-biotics to help clear up a case of sinusitis. A day or so after the end of the course I tried racing the Dartford 10 - it's the only time I've nearly failed to finish a race. Felt awful,before, during and after. Seemed to take the body a long time to recover.

  • Spooky. I've had an ear infection too. Tried the spray for 10 days, and although my ear got better, I still couldn't hear a damn thing with it. So now Doc has prescribed me Cephalexin 3 a day for a week.

    I'm quite happy to take it as I really do want my hearing back !!

    Not noticed any differences other than not being able to hear anything !
  • Cougie - get aloe ear drops at
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