All at once it was gone

Seems like as the years go by the summers fly by even faster - yesterday evening I was, for the first time this year, running in long sleeve top.

Temperature this morning was a very sorry 5 degrees centigrade and a definite smell of winter in the air. I love this time of year......but do you change you're running through the autumn and winter?
.....what the best winter tip you've been given?


  • As it gets colder we just graduate to longs, tops and bottoms and then gloves when it's really cold.
    The dark morning and nights mean that it has to be more road running and less on the country paths, except at weekends of course.
    When the sun is shining and it's dry then this time of year can be superb.
    Haven't got a tip other than that if you wish to keep running then you've just got to get out and do it !
  • The nights closing in usually provides the first indication of the advance of winter. Fortunately, over here the worst aspect of it - the clocks going back 1 hour - is still 5 weeks away.
    Do they still end Summer/Daylight Saving Time in Germany at the end of September Martin?

    The other thing that usually signals the arrival of the autumn season for me is the first cold/sore throat. I'm well overdue for one now, having gone > 5 months since the last one.
  • I love the winter. It's so much cooler (I overheat badly) and running in the dark means no-one can see my purple sweaty face.

    Today is gorgeous here in Inverness - not a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind, the first touch of frost (yes, really) - so crisp and fresh. Weekend days like this are a joy to run on - the leaves turning to their autumn colours, the smell of the trees as you run through the woods, and later, the fresh white snow on the bare branches. Ahhh, loverly.

    Good tip - running in deep fresh snow is a brilliant workout - gets the knee lift working well.

    Best non-running related winter tip - Don't eat yellow snow......
  • I find I’ve got to leave the cross-country trails / tracks and minor roads behind in favour or better lit major roads – as well as the increment in obligatory clothing


    Try to make at least one run a week during day light (weekends etc) - it helps recharge the enthusiasm

    I find that after a while you get board with running the same roads (here are only so many well lit local roads) – Throw in some structured speed sessions to keep up the interest

  • I'm going to book a skiing holiday.
    If I have to freeze my whatsits off in order to stay in shape this winter,I might as well have some fun at the same time.
  • Mike - the clocks go back on the same date as in the UK i.e. we're always one hour ahead. At the moment if I'm home before 6:45 I can still run in daylight (goes dark just before eight).

    Nessie - I love running in snow too but I think this year I might need to invest in some off-road or fell shoes.

    DannyM - I'll be skiing in Ischgl in January - what about you?
  • Martin,

    Im going to give Andorra a try.

    I been told it's nice and open so I can work on those turns.

    The problem is that things like trees keep jumping out in my path :-)

    It's also cheap!
  • Martin

    That's a change from 1988 then (when we were there). There was a period of 4/5 weeks when UK and (West) Germany were in same timezone.
    Over here, there's a period from late October to (about) late Feb when every weekday run has to be done in the dark - I loathe it. Have never understood why we haven't brought back British Standard Time (as we had from 1968-1971 when the clocks remained an hour forward through the winter) - there are so many arguments in its favour.
  • I think the argument in the UK was always along the lines of not wanting children going to school in the dark and / or farmers.

    I agree with your sentiments - I'm not a big fan of running in the dark, particularly as a) it really limits the routes I can run; and b) just being out in the cold and wet increases exposure to illness.

    I'll soon be dusting down my treadmill (or hopefully buying a new one) for 2-3 mid-week sessions.
  • Yes I remember that - disregarding the fact they go home in the dusk as a result - a far more dangerous time to be a road user than early in the morning.
    Farmers have to work sh*te hours anyway (my impression is it's q close to 24 a day) - can't see that one more hour of darkness in the morning makes much difference to them.
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