fat club tues 24th

Morning all
have done an easy 30 min run/walk
Not feeling too clever, think i might have a cold
Yippee, excuse for eating
Had brekkie yesterday, and it delayed the crisp craving by 2 hours
Maybe i should have two breakfasts like hobbits
Have a good day all


  • Oh yes, up and down stairs about 10 times already this amfor hanging out washing, making the Mr coffee and forgetting things
    It all counts!
  • Morning all. Rest day for me today, and a day off from the heavenly office, so must try not to spend the time eating! Started off well with a greek yoghourt for breakfast, so all may not be lost. Thinking about doing a long run (3.5 miles -long for me anyway!) on Saturday morning, but a bit scared of failure. Mmmnn.......
  • Morning all!
    Benz, how on earth do you manage to get up and out and be so cheery all by 7.16?! Its as much as I can do to get out from under the duvet by then! You are very impressive!
  • Hospital docs are an evolutionary superior breed who don't need any sleep, Stumpy.

    I ended up on Hobbit mealtimes yesterday - including going along to a meeting at which the catering was rather better than expected. I'd been for a swim first, so no chance of nibbling on a fragment of cucumber. But the fruit was nicer than the cakes, and I managed to ignore the dish of crisps on the table in front of me. Then went home and had another cooked dinner. Yippee! About 3,000 calories (a mixture of guesswork and reading labels tells me), most of it NOT chocolate, and it all went down without touching the sides. Runners with half-marathons on the horizon need lots and lots of food.

    Sassie, you can do that long run. What's the worst thing that can happen, after all? You might feel a bit sore and tired and have to slow down and walk part of the way. Happens to everyone sometimes - read what the really fit girls and boys post on the training board and you'll see that it happens to them as well. More likely, once you get into the unknown territory beyond the distance of your previous longest run, you'll enjoy it.

    Insecurity confession coming up - last winter I was so worried about having to bail out halfway through my long run that I used to take a fiver for a taxi and a coin for the phone out with me, despite the fact that I never went more than about 3 miles from home. I've got more relaxed now. If an injury strikes, either I need an ambulance or I'm fit to walk home.

    Time to do some work...wonder what joys await today? Saw a non-runner whose winklepickers had given her runner's toenails yesterday. I think she thinks I've got some sort of commercial interest in Doc Martens because she's heard my mantra - "trainers, Docs, and WEAR SOME SOCKS!" so many times this year. And she still comes to see me in those winklepickers, and insists that she never wears them normally.
  • What is this RW accuroute thing... I guess it tells you how many miles your route is... where do I get my hands on one of them... how much etc etc...
  • weigh day and no change. Thats good news cause had a big beer night with curry, and a larger Wedding Aniversary dinner in last week.

    I'm averaging 3 or 4 nights a week with alcohol - down from 7 nights a week with alcohol! If I can get that down to 2 I'll be happy.

    Good luck all.
  • Managed to pluck up the courage to stand on the scales today. After a few weeks of being particularly bad with regards to food and quite bad with regards to alcohol I was expecting to be putting back on some of the six stones that I've lost. Either the scales are broken or I've managed to get away with it... still weighing in at 12st 7lbs.... brilliant!!!! Gives me a BMI of 23.7. Definitely going to enter the Wimbledon 10 miler now.
  • Well done, Gordon - go for it!
  • Hi V-rap and Pixie ( I don't believe you're evil!), thanks for all the encouragement. You guys really keep me going.
  • Good luck all
    Back at home now, hope i dont get called back in
    36 continuos duty tomorrow
    All this an excuse for the c##p Ive eaten all day
    Oh well, if i dont get called in ill try for another run tomorrow
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