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Have just run my first half marathon ( yey) which was my first ever race but, for various work related reasons, am not likely to enter another event for a while. My question is how to train now? I enjoy the long distances, but don't see myself moving up to the full marathon. So what do I do, now that I've built up to this distance I feel like I want to keep that ability, but would I be better dropping back for a bit e.g. to work on my speed for a while? Or should I repeat the training plan I've just followed and try and pick up the pace a bit? All advice gratefully received.


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    depends what you want to do really. I think under the training tab on here you can get training plans for maintenance (maybe on the smartcoach). You can start introducing some speed work into what you are doing now, so you maintain the distance but get a bit quicker, then if you fancy another half marathon you will be in a good position to enter

  • Just get out and enjoy running in the summer.

    Scroll through the events section here, anter another event and focus the head.


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  • Possibilities...
    - find a maintenace schedule.

    - keep doing one longish run a wee, or a long run every other week, or something similar, so you don't lose too much fitness and keep your body used to doing those distances.

    - check if you have a local parkrun; if so, go along and enjoy seeing what you can do at 5K distance, for a bit of a challenge (however much or little a challenge you want to make it), in addition to keeping your weekly or every other week long run.

    - Do some fartlek sessions or other speed sessions.


  • Thanks everyone for the advice....
  • Do a 10K! My first race was half marathon and I didn't do a 10K until I'd done 4 HMs and a marathon - but I love them now. They are really much more focused on speed, but long enough to keep your fitness up and to feel like a proper race (you sometimes get a medal too!) image You get loads of them on Wednesday evenings, so shouldn't really be too much of a commitment. I feel like I always need something on the horizon to keep my motivation up, don't know if you are the same?

  • I have to admit, I found it easier to keep training once I'd signed up to the HM, so will take your advice and sign up for a 10K. Thanks!

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