I live in the Liverpool area - I need a pair of shoes, where is the best place to get them?


  • Natterjack - somewhere close to Penny Lane, or they have a shop in Southport. Or if you are south of Liverpool - Runners in New Ferry.

    Deffo not Miss Selfridge - don't believe what Jon tells you.
  • Cougie

    You are quickly becoming my saviour. I went to Natterjack's today (as well as the gym) and picked up a pair of Mizuno Mercury. Once the foot's mended then they'll be no stopping me!!!

    R U from round L'pool then?
  • Never been called a Saviour before !
    I'm from over the water - Bebington way.

    Are you doing the Chester Zoo 10k in October ? You get cheap entrance to the zoo as well - obviously only useful if we have enough energy to walk afterwards though.
  • Duh - no you aren't 'cos the Lpool 10 is on the same day - stoopid me.

    Pity - last week I had the Tunnel 10k or a 10k near Chester to choose from (Chester won seeing as it was cheaper). And then the Lpool 10 and Chester Zoo 10k clash.
    That could have made for 4 really handy weekends as well. :-(
  • My missus used to live in Bebington.

    I'd have liked to do the Zoo run, holding my nose past the Hippos of course. There's also a 5k coming up in Chester isn't there - but you need to be in a team of 4.

    I was wondering where can you get race info from apart from RW.
  • Well there is another running mag available - whisper it though. I think there are loadsa sites with race information on if you search the internet.
    I think might be one.

    Small world innit.

    Is that the corporate cup thing ? Never done one of those myself. 5k sounds too fast !
  • Yeah, that's the one - do you only run 10k and 1/2's then?

    It is a small world - but I wouldn't want to paint it - Haaaaaaaa Ha
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