Whey Protein powder

I was looking for some advice on what protein powder to get. I have found a 'Lonsdale' 908 g for £13.99 and a 'Hench' 2.25k for £24.95.

Can anyone offer advice on quality, prices etc? Thank you.

I am due to run a 10k in August and looking for something to help with burn more fat and build up stamina.


  • Hi, I use a site called discountsupplements.co.uk for all my sports nutrition stuff. I have always found them to be excellent. With regards to protein powder the brand I buy is Dymatize, I think it's about £29.99 for a tub containing 70+ servings. Good luck with the 10k - I'm also doing one in August! image

  • The 10k I am doing is 'Race The Train' in Tywyn, N.Wales and I am raising money so I need to have the stamina to complete it! what 10k are you doing in August?

    Thanks for the advice btw.

  • could you send me the link to the product as I am having trouble finding it, thank you again!.

  • I go on a website called myprotein.co.uk

    I'm liking the products and their taste.

    I use the lean protein thing. Got a massive bag downstairs and CLA pills.

  • IMO you could save your money by improving your diet

    Do you really need protein powder for a 10k?

  • For a 10k? Really? You'd better be aiming for 30:00 - 35:00.

    I'd have thought just drinking enough water and eating enough clean calories would be enough, unless you're cross training massively or a vegan.

    I now use myprotein.com. You can find discount codes online easily enough, and if you can stomach the unflavoured, it's very cheap and doesn't have any junk in it. I go for the smooth chocolate: it doesn't contain any aspartame or anything. I pay about 38 pounds for 2.5kg, I think.

    That's a very good price for the Hench you've found. I've seen reviews that have said the whey protein is 50% sugar, but perhaps they were getting confused with the mass gainer product.
  • Here's the link:


    I use the Elite Whey Protein (banana flavour).It's got about 25g protein per serving and is virtually sugar free. After longer runs (10 miles +) I also use Waxy Maize powder as it's helps muscle recovery.

    I know protein powder etc isn't everyones cup of tea but I do find it helps as I tend to do 30 miles plus per week and 1 - 2 weights sessions.

    I'm doing a local (to me) race in August - Reepham Summertime 10k  then the City of Norwich half marathon in November image


  • I take Myofusion - I haven't tried any other protein drink, so I can't say for sure, but it tastes really nice (milk chocolate flavour) - it's like a creamy chocolate drink, mixes really well in a shaker bottle and family members have said they've noticed results. image  Note - I'm taking it for muscle and strength building. image

    £37.99 will get you a massive 2.2kg tub - you can get a 900lb one for £21 or so, but I think the former's better value.

  • thank you for all of the advice. The protein isn't just for the 10k as I will be continuing my running after and I do have a balanced diet but maybe could do with eating more bananas!

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