Bala Middle 2012 tomorrow.

Did a search but cant find a thread. Anybody else making the trip? At least hopefully the bad weather will hcve gone by before the day, this year. Still have flashbacks to last years nightmare. My 10th attempt at this race, just hoping the knee will last, not as painful as this time last year, so hopefully get around a bit quicker. 


  • Think I read IronRosey has managed to get an entry for tomorrow

  • Thats me one place further down the finish list then.image


  • Was horrendous last year, loads bailed on the bike.

    Fingers crossed for better tomorrow, although will still be windy.

  • It was a great day last year. I really enjoyed myself. Lots of big wusses last year
  • bhflyerbhflyer ✭✭✭

    Good luck slugs, think I've just about dried out from last year. Hope to return next year.

  • It was a real sufferfest last year but glad i never quit it a good one to pull out of the mental bank when times get tough as in "christ i feel cr@p ..... Still its mot as bad a Bala 2011 image
  • Lol Max ! Well I won't be there tomorrow so it will be sunshine all day !
  • Yes, will be there, some classic pictures of transition on avalafs FB page
  • Yep, they don't come much crapper that last year's weather. Still one of my fave races though, on a good day image

  • Bit different to last year. Had to wait until the last miute to finish putting the wetsuit on as it was so warm!

    Great event thanks again to Julian & his crew. 

    10th & probably last time for me at this race, the old bones just dont seem to like going long any more. Think a long break is called for. image 

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