Winter racing

It seems that now the summer is quickly drawing to a close that there are not a great number of races taking place in the autumn/winter months.
Does anyone know of some 10km or Half's in November through Feb that they can recommend? I live in Surrey.
Thanks for your help with this.


  • Tim
    Any ideas on how I can find info on the Brighton race. 27/10 will still be away on holiday (in sunny SA - home!)
  • Fil

    There are a few races around if you look in RW racing diary but a great race for a December morning is the Hoggs Back - its only about 8.5 miles but has a 2 mile incline over the Hoggs Back so is pretty tough!

    Where about in Surrey are you based as I'm in need of a Training Partner - just moved to Aldershot but could travel around abit for running sessions?
  • Fil,

    You can enter the Brighton 10k online.

    There's about 50 or more of us from the forums taking part - look at the thread in Events for lots more info.

  • Club La Santa Challenge - Nov 2002.
    Anyone know which day is being used
    for entering ?
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