The Brutal

Hey guys, lot of you know me...had a crap year through injury but now light at the end of the tunnel with a shoulder op on monday....should be able to start training (i'll be able to run within a week....which is good cause i'm doing the support run at celtman for a mate and the marathon at outlaw....on NO REAL TRAINING) within 3 weeks or so from a swim and bike perspective so i was looking at doing a HIM towards the end of the year OD's just dont do it for me anymore.

Anyway, i came across this (the race director also seems to be a pirate from the pics) and wondered if anybody else is planning on doing either the HIM or the full...or even the double??

it does look tough but from a HIM perspective i reckon i should be able to have some fun with it and maybe get some fitness back...Has it been run before?? anybody comment???



  • soooo...this is on NOBODY's radar really????



  • Hi andyb99. Did you do this last year? I have entered the half for this year.
  • HI BP...i did some of it....unfortunately i had a bad year through injury last year...had a shoulder op and Planta Faciitis in both running was out.

    i decided to start anyway with the view that i'd paid and thought the swim would be a good shoulder test and just try to enjoy the ride...was never gonna bother starting the run.

    it was indeed brutal...3 degrees outside temp...bitterly cold morning and the mist on the lake made the swim very quiet, eerie almost and very difficult to sight....did that onto the bike which is an amazing ride....truly spectacular and not too bad...a bit tough....theres a 4 mile climb but its not too do it twice on the half but i ditched it after one lap knowing i couldnt do the run and a sunny afternoon in a pub with mrsB was just too big a temptation. i was happy though.

    is a great great event and if i wasnt doing IM wales in sept this year i'd be back to finish it

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