Where to run in Doncaster?

This is a bit of a shot in the dark. I'm visiting Doncaster later this week but have no knowledge of the area (except a road map). Can anyone recommend an interesting, easy to explain, route of about 6-8 miles. I don't mind if it takes in all the cultural landmarks or not. I just don't want to do 24 laps of the gas works!


  • Best thing to do is drive somewhere nice and explore from there. Try Cusworth Hall (about 3 miles west of the centre). Park up, run past the hall then down the hill at the back to the lake and follow different paths from there.
  • Thanks BR. Cusworth Hall sounds like fun. Anything with a lake must have some flat stretches!
  • Doncaster!

    Run away, and fast!
  • Head towards Sheffield and don't stop
  • Well, I'm back from sunny Doncaster. My hotel was about three miles away from Cusworth Hall so I ran there via Sprotbrough. I passed three runners on the way, one was a madman dressed in black who was doing hill sessions on a cliff face that I barely managed to stagger back up at the end!
    Cusworth Hall itself was a fantastic setting for a run (and worthy of a RW Rave Run picture). From the hall at the top of the hill it was possible to look out miles across farmland and city, from the lake at the bottom I had an excellent view of the sun setting over the hall. I passed six runners who were all enjoying the fine summer evening. Two laps of the grounds worked out at about two miles and then I headed back to the hotel.
    Many thanks to barnsleyrunner for the suggestion.
    The rest of you should head up the M18 and sample the delights of the metropolis :-)
    I will be back there next month and have picked out a good route alongside the river/canal running through Sprotbrough.
  • tyango - glad it worked out so well for you. I feel happy now :)
  • Of course he's going back, they must have nicked his wallet.
  • I escaped with my valuables intact! I was pleased to meet several teenagers on my run who behaved very strangely (smiling and saying hello), surely this cannot be normal behaviour?
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